Today we’re catching up with CiteAb founder Dr Andrew Chalmers and taking a look at our flow cytometer data in a new way – to reveal the monoclonal clones that have supported the most flow cytometry research to date.Andrew, what data set does this information come from? “Today we’re looking at our Flow Cytometry citation data – we’ve previously looked at this data on our blog to determine the companies doing best in the Flow Cytometry market, and the institutions in which most Flow Cytometry research is being carried out around the world. Today we’re taking a look with a different angle – to find out which clones are cited most often as supporting Flow Cytometry.”Which monoclonal clones appear at the top of the Flow Cytometry charts? “At the very top of the list we have M1/70 – this clone recognises Integrin Alpha-M/ (CD11b) which forms part of the complement receptor 3 (CR3), and is expressed on immune cells including monocytes, macrophages and granulocytes.“In second place is the clone 30-F11. This clone binds Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphotase C (CD45).”Which companies are supplying some of the most cited clones? “The suppliers we’re seeing at the forefront of this market include BD Biosciences, Invitrogen Antibodies and BioLegend. Others also doing well and supplying highly cited products are Abcam, Miltenyi and R&D Systems.”Finally, what can the data tell us about the research being done with these clones?“Well, unsurprisingly these clones are most frequently used in papers focused on the immunology research area, but they are also often used in stem cell and cancer research. This demonstrates that these highly cited clones have helped researchers around the world make discoveries in a very diverse range of research fields.”Today we are giving away the data for our top ten most cited clones for Flow Cytometry. To receive your copy direct to your inbox, sign up below. If you’ve any further questions about our Flow Cytometry data [drop me an email] and I’ll be happy to help. – Rhys and the CiteAb team

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