Our team has just released a new feature on CiteAb – the inclusion of validation information for products listed in search results.

Product manager Rhys Williams tells us more about this new feature: “We always welcome feedback from our users and we’ve recently used this to make a number of improvements to our search engine.

“These improvements will add features to the results we display, maximising the benefits of using CiteAb for researchers. Some of the features we’re working on include antibody dilution information, and the addition of experimental images. Today’s update is new data on the validation of products.”

Antibody details showing validation information.

Here at CiteAb we’re all very passionate about validation and believe that good validation can result in less waste of products, less waste of money, faster results and fundamentally a better scientific process. Adding data about the methods that products have been validated for helps researchers make better purchasing decisions.

Rhys says: “To start with we are displaying supplier validation methods for products with plans to also display cited validation information and validation images in the near future.

Search result showing validation information.

“I’m thrilled with how this new feature has been received so far – despite the data being released only very recently, we can already see that the ‘Validation Method’ search filters are already being used by researchers, illustrating the importance of validation transparency. This has been a significant influence on our decision to make this information more readily available.”

A big thank you to all those suppliers who have provided us with validation data for their products so far. For any others – if we haven’t yet updated your product listings to include validation information please do get in touch!

– Alicia and the CiteAb team