For a long time (since 2013 to be exact) CiteAb has been the world’s largest independent citation-ranked antibody search engine, and today we’ve added our 2 millionth antibody.

The 2 millionth antibody was 4C5, Anti-DDK (FLAG tag) monoclonal antibody which is supplied by Rockville, USA-based company OriGene. This antibody is referenced in 29 unnamedpublications, in which it has been shown to work in Western blotting and immunoprecipitation in human tissues.

Our site now gives researchers access to antibodies from 109 companies worldwide, including large multinationals, small specialist providers and not for profit academic groups. The 2 million antibodies listed on CiteAb are rated by over 400,000 citations.

CiteAb was developed in 2012 by University of Bath researcher Dr Andrew Chalmers, in collaboration with a web software development company Storm Consultancy, in response to a need among the research community for a fully independent antibody rating service.

We spun CiteAb out of the University of Bath in January 2014 and have since grown the site exponentially.

Our founder Dr Andrew Chalmers said: “We are extremely grateful to the community for providing us with fantastic support and helping us to build and develop a huge database which is now a valuable resource for all those carrying out research using antibodies.

“The excellent relationships we’ve developed with antibody suppliers, academic and industrial research institutions, journals and other companies in the sector has been essential in our growth over the last year and we extend our thanks to those who have provided invaluable support and advice along the way.

“The core ethos of CiteAb is that we are completely impartial – we list antibodies according to citations, so the only way an antibody can move up the ratings is to be used successfully in research and be cited by other researchers. We have only just begun on our journey and we have some very exciting plans for the future which we look forward to sharing with all of our friends.”

CiteAb has attracted month on month visitor growth since launching in March 2013. We’re always open to your ideas and thoughts on how we better serve the research community – so please do join the conversation on Twitter at @CiteAb, or on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

– Matt and the CiteAb Team