Following on from our very successful webinar last year, we are now planning to run another session on 15 October to discuss the antibody market trends we’re seeing based on data we generate through CiteAb.

As you’ll be aware, here at CiteAb we produce antibody market datasets based on the analysis of hundreds of thousands of antibody citations to generate revenue, ensuring we’re able to keep our main listing free and impartial.

Data from CiteAb can give great insights to the global antibody market.
Data from CiteAb can give great insights to the global antibody market.

This data provides a quantitative, unique and independent view of the antibody market, allowing suppliers to make more informed product development and marketing decisions.

From the data generated through CiteAb we are able to determine all sorts of interesting things, such as which countries are investing most in bioscience research, which companies are seeing growth or decline within particular countries (or even particular research institutions) and what is driving these changes, which antibodies or monoclonal clones are most successful, what are the most cited protein targets and what are the top companies or antibodies in different areas of bioscience research.

Dr Andrew Chalmers, co-founder of CiteAb, said: “Here at CiteAb we produce world class custom data sets. Through this webinar I’ll be able to talk through the datasets we’ve produced to date and take any questions you might have about future data sets and how you can access and use them. I’ll also touch on how the breadth of the full CiteAb data allows for custom reports to be produced, helping antibody suppliers hone their business and product development, and their marketing.”

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– Matt and the CiteAb team