CiteAb is now the world’s largest independent citation-ranked antibody search engine after we listed the 1 millionth antibody to our database today!


The 1 millionth antibody was Biorbyt’s PEBP4 antibody. This antibody has two citations listed on CiteAb, in which it has been validated for use in western blot analysis of human tissue.


Our site now gives researchers access to 1 million antibodies from over 60 companies worldwide, rated by their citations in over 100,000 research papers.


CiteAb has been developed by University of Bath researcher Dr Andrew Chalmers, in collaboration with a local web software development company Storm Consultancy, in response to a need among the research community for a fully independent antibody rating service.


Dr Chalmers said: “As a researcher, I buy antibodies and wanted to know that those I ordered would work. I couldn’t find a completely unbiased tool, other antibody search engines allowed companies to pay to be top listed.


“The core ethos of CiteAb is that we are completely impartial – we list antibodies according to citations, so the only way an antibody can move up the ratings is to be used successfully in research and be cited by other researchers.”


We are now the biggest antibody community, attracting over 16,000 users since we launched CiteAb in March 2013. Join the conversation on Twitter at @CiteAb, or on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.


We’re thrilled to have achieved so much since launch – CiteAb is fast becoming the go-to place for antibody search. As a team we try to react quickly to any feedback from users so that we can continually improve the site. Therefore, any ideas will be received with thanks and we’d be glad to have a chat with interested parties.


– The CiteAb Team