We ask you – what do you want to see next?

Here at CiteAb our team is busy looking at new ways we can make our users jobs easier. That’s why, over the last few years, we’ve greatly expanded our offering in antibody data, while also expanding into other areas including biochemicals and instrument data.

Today we’re going to give a quick recap on existing CiteAb services, while also giving you a chance to tell us where you’d like to see us focus our efforts next.

Having started out with our focus solely on antibodies, we provided a free search facility for researchers based on academic citations. We then began to make our antibody citation data available to suppliers, while always ensuring that we kept the quality of our data second to none.

Today, our antibody citation data is world-leading, however we no longer focus only on antibody citations having added citations for biochemicals, kits, and instruments to the mix.

Alicia Cooper and Dr Andrew Chalmers.

CiteAb product manager Alicia Cooper looks after our citation products. She said: “Across all reagent types we now offer comprehensive citation data service, including product citations, annotated citations, image collection and quality checking. You can find out more about all of these on our citation product page. My role at CiteAb is to ensure our citation products are based on absolutely top notch data. To do this, I manage a large team of reviewers to manually verify huge numbers of citations.”

In addition to giving suppliers and distributors access to citations for their products, data from CiteAb gives a unique insight into the life science market at both a global and a hyper-local level, allowing companies to make big decisions on where next to take their business, or how best to invest.

Rebecca Sadler and Rhys Williams look after our data products at CiteAb. Rebecca says: “We help suppliers and investment companies make more informed decisions by producing unique, high quality and quantitative datasets. These are based on analysis of millions of scientific publications and provide unique guides to the antibody, biochemicals, kits, and instruments markets.

“From allowing companies to monitor market trends or identify the most important targets or reagents, through to running competitor comparisons or targeting marketing initiatives, our data is now helping many of the world’s best reagent companies.”

And now, as we move into autumn, our team has plans to begin work in new areas. We have thought about looking at peptides and cell lines in the near future, however as always we’re driven by what you need, so we love to hear from suppliers and distributors and your ideas will help us set out our priorities going forward. If you have an idea, do get in touch with the team on hello@citeab.co.uk.

– Andrew and the CiteAb team

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