Who is winning the market share race?

In the data we’re releasing today we take a look at which suppliers are gaining the most market share in the primary and secondary research antibody markets, and what their competitors can do to keep up.  

As this is the first time CiteAb data has shed light on the companies leading in the secondary antibody market – we’ll take a look at some of these companies in a little more detail today.

However, we’ll start with an overview of the complete research antibody market – where we continue to see Cell Signaling Technology, Santa Cruz Biotechnology and Abcam battle it out at the top.

Cell Signaling Technology and Abcam maintain their positive trajectories, whereas we are seeing a falling share for Santa Cruz – almost certainly a result of the company’s high profile legal problems in recent years.

Cell Signaling Technology has claimed the lead in market share from Santa Cruz in the last 18 months, and it looks likely that the gap between the two will continue to increase.

A number of smaller challengers continue to do well – to see the data-trends for the top five research antibody suppliers overall sign up below and we’ll send them to you for free.

Dr Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “In addition to giving a view of the whole market, our newest data for the secondary antibody market shows that this segment is quite unique and we see different companies doing extremely well.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 18.40.08Out in front with over 40 per cent of the secondary research antibody market citations are Invitrogen Antibodies, owned by Thermo Scientific. The company produces highly cited Alexaflour and HRP conjugated secondaries, which are key to its significant success.  

Matt Baker, Director R&D and Business Development, Antibodies and Immunoassays at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: “As the manufacturer of Alexa Fluor dyes, Thermo Fisher Scientific provides high quality Invitrogen secondary antibodies that researchers have trusted to generate publication quality data for many years. With the addition of the eBioscience menu, we continue our commitment to provide researchers with highly-validated Invitrogen primary, secondary, and recombinant antibodies to our ever expanding portfolio for a wide variety of research applications.”

Also doing well are secondary antibody specialists Jackson ImmunoResearch in second place with 15% per cent of the market.

Matt Smith of Jackson ImmunoResearch told us: “Our mission to provide the largest selection of secondary antibodies with the highest quality has been unchanged since we were founded over 34 years ago, and this focus is reflected in CiteAb’s latest report. We continue to adapt and refine our offering, as the research community develops new techniques and applications for secondaries.”

Dr Chalmers said: “These numbers show how the secondary antibody market is quite different with different suppliers in the top two places. Jackson ImmnoResearch also show how its possible to succeed by focusing on one aspect of the market.”

In third place we currently see Santa Cruz Biotechnology, although the company’s high profile problems being reflected through negative media coverage may offer opportunity to other suppliers looking to gain ground.

Dr Chalmers said: “Looking at this new data, one of the most impressive growth stories is from Li-Cor which makes fluorescent secondary antibodies to go with their Western blotting apparatus. The company have gone from 12th (0.5 per cent of citations) in 2010 to 7th (3.7 per cent of citations) in 2015. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain this growth through 2016.”

This latest data looks at activity over the last six years for over 120 suppliers. As with all CiteAb data reports, this report is not based on user surveys or web usage statistics like some available in the sector – it based solely on the analysis of hundreds of thousands of antibody citations and provide a quantitative view of the research antibody market and how it’s changing over time.

To obtain the data-trends for the top five research antibody suppliers overall or to have a chat with us about a custom dataset please email the product managers

~ the CiteAb team

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