The Antibody Society, an international non-profit supporting antibody related research and development, is going to be running a great series of webinars on antibody validation through its Learning Center.

The series aims to help early career researchers understand how to validate antibodies so they can get the benefits of them without suffering from the potential pitfalls. It features webinar content from experts around the world, including our very own Dr Andrew Chalmers.

Dr Chalmers says: “This promises to be an extremely useful series of webinars, which I would recommend anyone at the early stages of their research career take a look at. Thanks to Dr Simon L. Goodman, Science and Technology Program Manager at the Antibody Society, for putting together such a useful tool.

“My contribution to the series is in the third webinar, titled ‘What’s in a name? Finding the antibody for the job’. I will be explaining why it is important to start with the most cited antibody, but also to still validate it.

“Our webiner goes out on the 4th December, but the series has already started to do take a look!”

The whole series is free to take part in and each session can be re-watched on demand. To see full details visit

– Rebecca and the CiteAb team