We recently announced the winners of the 2017 CiteAb Antibody Awards, and today we feature our first winner profile here on our blog for the prestigious category of ‘Researchers’ Choice’.

The winners of this category for 2017 are Cell Signaling Technology, headquartered in the USA and trading internationally.

The Researchers’ Choice award is of specific value to antibody suppliers as it reflects exactly what their customers, the researchers using their products all over the world, think of them.

Nominations in the category are made by researchers who have used antibodies provided by the company they are nominating in their work. These researchers gave our judges details about their experience of the company, from the reliability of its products through to its methods for valuation and its customer service provision.

This is the third year in a row that Cell Signaling Technology has won this prestigious award. The company had both by far the highest number and most positive nominations from researchers.

Cell Signaling Technology is a private, family-owned company founded by scientists. The company aims to provide high quality innovative research and diagnostic products that accelerate biological understanding and enable the development of personalised medicine. The company operates worldwide from offices in the USA, the Netherlands, China and Japan.

Dr Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “Doing well in this award means that a company’s customers are very impressed with the whole service on offer. It is a huge achievement and Cell Signaling Technology should be very proud to have given its customers a great experience.”

One of those nominating Cell Signaling Technology for this award in 2017 said: “I never have any problem of non-specific bindings of antibodies purchased from Cell Signaling Technology. I completely trust their products. I believe they are the most reliable antibody supplier!”

Michael J. Comb, Ph.D., Cell Signaling Technology President and CEO, said: “As a company of scientists, we are humbled and honoured to have our efforts recognised by the research community. We know customers have a choice when it comes to their antibody supplier and we aim to stand apart through our rigorous development and validation processes and full-service technical support. These awards reinforce that the community at large values these efforts.”

Dr Andrew Chalmers, Founder of CiteAb, added: “Here at CiteAb we’re all about making it easier for researchers to find really good antibodies. So many factors are important, from the quality of the product to the customer service and the aftercare that companies provide. This is a really prestigious award as it reflects what researchers really think about the companies they use. Congratulations to Cell Signaling Technology.”

– Matt and the CiteAb team