Here at CiteAb we always tell you to let us know what you think of the site so we can continue to improve, and many of you have done so over the last couple of months.

As a result we have increased our original 5 information fields to 12, giving you far more data that will help you choose the right antibody. We’re really grateful to those of you who shared your thoughts, and we’ve made a number of changes we think will help you.

We now show a lot of new data for suggested applications. We have, for example, over 600,000 antibodies that are suggested for Western Blot use, over 300,000 for ELISA, 250,000 for Immunohistochemistry and 100,000 for Flow Cytometry use.

More generally, CiteAb now includes fields such as clonality (monoclonal vs polyclonal), the clone number for monoclonals, conjugate information, synonyms and immunogen where available.

We have done all of this without compromising the speed of CiteAb, investing in more server capacity so searches are faster than ever.

We have been particularly grateful to those of you working in specific sectors who have told us how we can make CiteAb a better resource for you. We’ve made changes to help veterinary researchers, yeast cell biologists, immunologists, plant researchers, neuroscientists and more, and we couldn’t have done that without your help.

As always, keep your suggestions coming – let us know what more we can do in our next round of development to make CiteAb even better for you.

– The CiteAb team