5 things to know when entering in the CiteAb Awards


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In this blog:

  • We answer common questions about nominating in the CiteAb Awards
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  • Discover what you could win in our awards

For our first blog of 2023, we are getting the ball rolling by sharing with you five things we think you should know when entering in the CiteAb Awards, which celebrate the successes of the research reagent industry. 

With the nomination deadline approaching on the 24th February, now is the time to get your entry in. 

We are looking to suppliers to let us know how their companies, colleagues or initiatives have excelled, and for researchers to tell us which suppliers have impressed them.

Enter on the CiteAb Award website now

Our CEO, Dr Andrew Chalmers, said:

‘We’re so excited to be running the CiteAb Awards for the ninth year. We love being able to celebrate the research reagent industry. Our work at CiteAb is rooted in accelerating scientific progress, and a fundamental part of this progress is having quality research reagents. To be able to recognise the impact made by reagent suppliers in the industry is a real privilege.’

So, here are five things to know

1. You can nominate yourself

In our nomination categories we encourage self-nomination! As long as you’re eligible, categories such as the Innovation Award and Charitable Supplier of the Year are open to entries from suppliers themselves, as well as researchers who have been impressed by something they’ve seen from a reagent supplier. 

The CiteAb Awards are also completely free to enter in.

2. You can nominate in multiple categories

There is no limit on the number of categories you can enter in for the CiteAb Awards. However, you must be eligible for each category you submit a nomination in. 

We do want to stress that winners will not be selected solely based on the number of individual nominations; rather, we will be looking for quality entries. The nomination categories for this year are: Image of the Year, the Innovation Award, Charitable Supplier of the Year, Researchers’ Choice and the Significant Individual Impact Award.

3. We are looking for quality products, services and people

Our advice for a successful CiteAb Award entry is simple: provide a concise and compelling description of your achievements. We are looking for innovation and impact evident in nominations. 

We suggest providing any evidence or numbers to back up your entry, and a clear description of the challenges your nominated product, person, or initiative has addressed. It is important you do not exceed the word limit given on the nomination form. 

(The exception to this is the Image of the Year Award, for which we will be judging the aesthetic impact of the image to determine a winner.)

4. Data-based categories are not open to nominations

The CiteAb Awards are composed of a mixture of data-based and nomination based categories. For the data-based categories we do not accept entries, instead we analyse the high quality citation data we collect at CiteAb from open and closed access scientific publications. 

We use a combination of machine learning and human reviewing to ensure accuracy of this data, which currently covers five reagent types. To determine award winners we are delving into the specific section of our database relevant to the category and looking at criteria such as the largest percentage increase in citations over a year, or most overall citations. 

To learn more about our citation data and how we curate it, visit our website: https://www.citeab.com/

5. Winners will receive a winners pack, promotion, certificates and trophy

If you are named as a winner or highly commended in a category, you will receive a winners pack. This includes certificates, web badges and banners. A trophy and framed certificate will be presented at AACR, or sent to the respective winners. 

On top of this, we will be promoting the Awards across our blog, website and social channels. As long-standing and well-respected industry awards, you will be joining an impressive alumni of winners from over the years.

Good luck!

Our award nominations close on the 24th February. To enter, head over to our awards website and simply click on the relevant category and fill out the short nomination form. 

Winners will be announced on the 27th March and the awards presented at AACR for those attending. 

We wish everyone the best of luck in their award entries this year! 

  • Alicia and the CiteAb Team
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