Climbing Austrian mountains to improve antibody validation

Today, CiteAb founder Dr Andrew Chalmers is chairing a key discussion panel on antibody validation at the 9th Alpbach Workshop of Affinity Proteomics.

Dr Chalmers returns to the Alpbach meeting, where in previous years there has been a fantastic gathering of experts and extremely useful discussion aimed at improving antibody validation and furthering the reproducibility of research.

The meeting, which runs from 11 – 13 March in Alpbach, Austria, is regarded as one of the best gatherings of experts on antibodies and other protein-binding molecules, and their role in defining the proteome.

Dr Andrew Chalmers said: “This years’ workshop promises to be very valuable, I’m honoured to be chairing a great panel made up of speakers who are leaders in the field of antibody validation. At CiteAb we’re long-term champions for antibody validation, and I’m very much looking forward to the discussion tonight and seeing how this might shape the future in this field.”

The antibody validation panel which Andrew will be chairing tonight includes:
Matt Baker, Senior Director, Strategy and Business Developmet, Protein and Cell analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Asheville, North Carolina
Anthony Couvillon, Scientific Marketing Project Manager at Cell Signaling Technology, Danvers MA, USA
Anita Bandrowski, SciCrunch, hosted at UCSD, La Jolla, USA
Alejandra Solache, Head Reagents Product Development and Manufacturing, Abcam Cambridge UK
Caroline Kampf, Chief Scientific Officer, Atlas Antibodies, Uppsala, Sweden
Alex Ball, Senior Scientist, GeneTex Inc, Irvine CA, USA

Dr Chalmers says of the meeting: “The combination of excellent science with mountain scenery and winter sports at Alpbach creates an atmosphere that makes this series of workshops exceptional every other year.”

Programme topics at the meeting include: complementarity of affinity and MS proteomics; Human Protein Atlas and Cell Atlas; quality, validation and standardisation of binding reagents; recombinant technologies for binder generation; nanobodies and protein scaffolds; sensitive and multiplexed protein detection methods and diagnostic applications; and pharma developments in biomarkers and antibody therapeutics.

Dr Chalmers adds: “On behalf of all of the participants in this panel and from CiteAb I thank Mike Taussig and the team at Cambridge Protein Arrays who are responsible for running the meeting.

“Check back here on our blog in a few weeks as I plan to write a follow-up after the event, outlining the main themes that arose during the antibody validation panel, sharing new learnings and best practice.”

– Rebecca and the CiteAb team

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