Antibodies are expensive, so finding those that can be diluted more and will therefore go further in the lab is useful to researchers. For this reason we have been collecting dilution data for antibodies and adding this to our antibody pages.

Today we’re going to take a deeper look at our dilution data to see whether there are any suppliers with products that are used at higher dilutions than average, across the primary and secondary antibody markets.

CiteAb product manager Rhys Williams has been looking after this data and will explain the main features of it to us today.

He says: “To put together the data set we’re going to take a look at today I’ve looked at tens of thousands of citations for antibody dilutions used in Western Blotting from papers published between 2010 – 2017.”

Primary antibodies

Only five suppliers in the primary antibody market have products that perform above average. At the forefront is MilliporeSigma, with antibodies cited at the greatest average dilution in Western Blotting of 1:8902. The plant science specialist Agrisera comes in second, with antibodies used at 1:7780.

Rhys said: “Both MilliporeSigma and Agrisera’s primary antibodies average Western Blotting dilutions are significantly greater than the average, and therefore appear to go further in the laboratory. Other companies we see with antibodies used at above average dilution include Proteintech, Invitrogen Antibodies and Bio-Techne.”

Secondary antibodies

Talking about our data for the secondary antibody market, Rhys says: “In this market we see a couple of suppliers with primary and secondary antibodies cited above the average for WB.

“MilliporeSigma takes the top spot again, with an average cited dilution of secondary antibodies for Western Blotting at 1:13366, outperforming the average of 1:8033.

“Invitrogen Antibodies are the only other supplier to have their antibodies cited at above the average dilutions in both markets.”

New to the secondary list with above-average dilutions is Jackson ImmunoResearch, a secondary antibody specialist and a strong overall performer in the secondary antibody market. Similarly, LI-COR, who we have highlighted in previous blogs as being ‘one to watch’, also has secondary antibodies cited at above average dilutions.

Rhys adds: “Having antibodies which can be used at very high dilutions is a very strong selling point and this may well contribute to the success of both Jackson ImmunoResearch and LI-COR in the overall secondary market.”

Today we’re giving away data for the dilutions of all ‘above average’ companies across primary and secondary antibodies. Sign up below and we’ll deliver your free data direct to your inbox. If you’ve any further questions about this data please don’t hesitate to contact Rhys who will be more than happy to help you.

– Alicia and the CiteAb team

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