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Last week, the CiteAb team attended AACR in San Diego!

This was an illuminating few days, learning about the up-and-coming research in oncology and meeting with our current partners as well as new suppliers.

It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet with the winners of the CiteAb Awards in person, presenting their trophies and certificates. 

The CiteAb Awards celebrate the very best of the research reagent sector, and we were thrilled to name 16 different companies and individuals as winners in the awards this year and meet with 11 of them at the conference.

You can see the full list of winners and more details of the categories over on our awards website, linked below:

Overview of AACR

This year, the buzzing event was full of interesting exhibitors, poster presentations and talks. 

With themes around ways to capture the ever-increasing complexity in the field, harnessing new models and spatial approaches, the use of AI and ways to use chemistry for difficult targets, there was a lot to be learnt at the event. 

We had a great time chatting to a range of companies and learning more about developments across the landscape. 

CiteAb Awards presentations

One of our favourite parts of running the CiteAb Awards is getting to meet our winners in person and hear more about their projects. 

With 13 different categories featuring this year, ranging from innovative digital tools, to game-changing research products, to educational initiatives for scientists and more, it was a really exciting set of winners.

We received over 150 nominations. Our independent judging panels evaluated these entries to determine winners in our nomination-based categories. With a really high calibre of entries this year, this was no easy task.

For the data-based categories, we examined the CiteAb reagent database to identify those companies growing and succeeding with their research antibodies, ELISA kits, cell lines, growth factors and proteins. 

Here’s a snapshot of the winners we met and a summary of the achievements we were celebrating. 

Day 1

Enzo Life Sciences

On the first day of AACR we met with Enzo to hand over the Researchers’ Choice Award. In this category, we ask researchers to let us know which supplier has impressed with their products, services or something unique! By researcher vote, Enzo took home the win in this highly competitive award.

Enzo Life Sciences CiteAb Awards presentation
Awards presentation with the Enzo team

Day 2

CiteAb Awards 2024 presentations for Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bio-Techne and Bio-Rad.
Left to right: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bio-Techne, Bio-Rad Awards presentations

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Firstly, we handed over the Digital Science Tool of the Year award to the team at Thermo Fisher Scientific which they won for their innovative Stain iT tech that enables the visualisation and planning of cell staining.

They were also named as highly commended in the Cell Line Supplier to Watch in Cancer Research, Supplier Succeeding in IHC and Supplier Succeeding in Parkinson’s Research Award.


We then met with Bio-Rad to present the Educational Initiative of the Year Award. They won this award for the Bio-Rad Academy: Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry. This free-to-enrol course has seen over 11,000+ enrollments, helping scientists to learn the flow cytometry basics and how to generate high-quality, reproducible data.

R&D Systems

R&D Systems received an award recognising their high number of citations for ELISA Kits: the ELISA Kit Supplier of the Year Award


Bio-Techne claimed the win in the competitive Innovation Award category for their RNAscope HiPlex12 Flex Kit, which our independent judges felt could make real impact on the sector through its high-plex spatial co-detection of RNA and protein markers for the Standard BioTools Hyperion™ Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) System.

They were also named as Highly Commended in the Educational Initiative of the Year Award for their work in spatial biology education, including a spatial biology tour, their first School of Scope and a new wet workshop for spatial profiling. 

2024 CiteAb Awards presentations with Abcam and Revvity
Left to right: Abcam and Revvity Awards presentations


In the afternoon, we met with the Abcam team. They were named as the winners in the Supplier Succeeding in IHC Award, which reflects their success in supporting researchers with immunohistochemistry experiments by providing antibodies they are using frequently. 

They were also named as highly commended in the Digital Science Tool of the Year Award for their Biophysical QC digital analysis toolkit, and the Growth Factor Supplier to Watch in 2024 and ELISA Kit Supplier of the Year Award.


To finish off the day we met with Revvity; their Horizon cell line portfolio took home the title of Cell Line Supplier to Watch in Cancer research. This category looked at our cell line data to determine which company had seen the largest % increase in cell line citations in this field for researchers, a fitting award to hand over at AACR.

Day 3

CiteAb Awards presentations for MilliporeSigma, Cell Signaling Technology and Proteintech
Left to right: MilliporeSigma, Cell Signaling Technology and Proteintech awards presentations.


We first met with the Proteintech team, who were named as highly commended in the Researchers’ Choice category – an award voted for by researchers themselves. We receive over 100 nominations for this category each year, with scientists telling us how suppliers have supported their work. 

Cell Signaling Technology

We went on to meet with the CST team, who claimed the Antibody Supplier Succeeding in South Korea Award. This category recognises their success in providing highly cited antibodies in this growing research hotspot. They were also named as highly commended in the Innovation Award for their SignalStar™ Multiplex Immunohistochemistry (mIHC) Assay.

The team also accepted the Significant Individual Impact Award on behalf of Roberto Polakiewicz, CSO of Cell Signaling Technology. Our judges felt that his impact on the industry over the course of his career was remarkable.


Finally, we handed over the Supplier Succeeding in Parkinson’s Research Award to MilliporeSigma, which recognises the support of researchers working on this important disease. This category takes in all reagent types in our database, looking for that supplier with the most citations in Parkinson’s publications.

Day 4

Sino Biological

For our final CiteAb Award presentation, we met with Sino Biological to hand over the Growth Factor Supplier to Watch in 2024 Award. This category shone a light on their growing presence in the growth factor market.

Sino Biological CiteAb Awards presentation

Other winners in the CiteAb Awards included: 

  • Grigorri Timin and Michel C Milinkovitch, winners in the Image of the Year Award
  • eLabNext, highly commended in the Digital Science Tool of the Year Award
  • Abways Technology, winners in the Antibody Supplier to Watch in 2024 Award
  • Servicebio, highly commended in the Antibody Supplier to Watch in 2024 Award

You can read more about the criteria used in each category, and how we determine winners over on the CiteAb Awards website. 

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Thank you to everyone who nominated in the CiteAb Awards this year! The standard of entries was incredibly high, and we loved learning more about all the innovation going on in the sector. Our awards would also not be possible without our fantastic judging panels in the nomination categories – so thank you again to our judges this year. 

A final congratulations to all our winners. We can’t wait to launch our 11th year of the CiteAb Awards in 2025 – stay tuned!

  • Skye and the CiteAb team
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