CiteAb Awards 2023: Cell Line Supplier to Watch Spotlight


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In this blog:

  • What are the CiteAb Awards?
  • What data did we use for this award?
  • How did PerkinElmer win in this category?

The CiteAb Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the research reagent sector, on both an individual and company level.

Each year, we mix up the categories to reflect interesting industry trends and recognise different areas of science. This year, we had 12 awards with 15 different winners, ranging from leading multinationals to smaller companies succeeding in their niche.

You can read more about the awards over on our website.

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Today, we look back on the Cell Line Supplier to Watch in 2023 Award, an area of the our dataset that has piqued out interest lately. The winners this year were PerkinElmer, with DSMZ coming in highly commended.

How was the winner in this category determined?

We launched this award for the first time this year to highlight the trends in this important market, looking to identify those growing suppliers. The Cell Line Supplier to Watch Award was created to specifically recognise the supplier increasing their citations for their cell line products.

To determine the winner, we analysed our Cell Lines and Models dataset specifically for cell line citations. This included products like immortalised cell lines, stem cell lines, reference cell lines, reporter cells and genetically modified cells. These products could be for any species origin.

We determined which supplier has seen the largest percentage increase in their citations for these products – suppliers could only qualify if they had at least ten citations in the previous year.

The Cell Line Supplier to Watch in 2023 Winner

This year, PerkinElmer took the win in the Cell Line Supplier to Watch in 2023 Award!

PerkinElmer have a wide portfolio of life science products, ranging from assays and kits to molecular biology reagents to support the discovery and drug development pipeline.

Rhys Bowen-Morris, Product Manager for our Cell Lines and Models dataset, commented:

Congratulations to PerkinElmer for this award win! Cell lines are an important research tool used by scientists across the globe. We have over 260 of PerkinElmer’s cell lines listed on our search engine, nearly half of which with the expression system CHO-K1 AequoScreen (a GPCR technology). Through this brand new award, we wanted to recognise suppliers who have been growing their citations for their products in this specific market, showing they are successfully supporting researchers in this area.”

Some of PerkinElmer’s highly cited cell lines listed on our search engine include: 

It was great to meet with some of the team at AACR in Orlando, and present them with their certificate and trophy.

We also extend our congratulations to DSMZ, highly commended in the Cell Line Supplier to Watch category.

What data is this award based on? 

Our Cell Lines and Models dataset consists of over 250,000 cell lines and models and 250,000 citations from nearly 100 suppliers. Launched in 2020, this data now gives insights not just into cell lines, but animal models, tissues, lysates, primary cells and more. 

We collect this information from the scientific literature (including open-access, subscription only and pre-print journals) using a unique combination of human reviewing and AI, meaning the highest quality data is obtained. 

As we have grown this dataset, we’ve become interested in product use, changes in the market and learning about the big players in the space. As an important component in several research areas, cell lines are certainly an area to pay attention to. You can read some of our analysis into this market in these blogs: 

As well as being used to inform market research and understand company performance, this data is also fed into our free-to-use search engine. Our reagent search tool ranks reagents by citations, to help researchers find the best product for their work.

You can try out the search engine here, to browse cell line products:

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