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In this blog:

  • What is a citations widget?
  • How are published images incorporated into our new widget?
  • What other new features have been introduced?

We are so pleased to introduce you to the brand new CiteAb citations widget – a valuable tool to showcase real-time, accurate product citations and published images directly on your website.

We decided to redevelop our existing widget to better help our supplier partners, who wanted more information for their products displayed on their webpages. Powered by our high quality citation database, our new widget comes with options to add infographics, published images, and brand colours and styling. 

Today we speak with CiteAb product manager Jemina to learn more about this new product, how published images have been incorporated, and why you’d want this plug-in tool.

You can also view our Citation Widget Webinar here. We are also offering a free try-out period for the widget on your site, get in touch with the team to learn more!

Can you briefly explain what the CiteAb Citation Widget is?

The CiteAb widget is a really powerful tool that is easily installed on product pages, without requiring any sort of extensive tech integration. It displays all the citations we have collected for that product direct to the webpage.

The unique feature of a widget is that as soon as we have a citation, it will be uploaded to the webpage – providing real-time citations for researchers to view. 

So, why would reagent suppliers want a Citations Widget?

By having real-world examples of how a product has been used on webpages, researchers can easily see if a product is right for their purposes, giving increased confidence for their purchasing decisions, and driving sales.

Having a widget is also a time efficient way of displaying product citations, with the alternative often being to manually collect them, and then update them on webpages. 

How are published images incorporated into the new widget?

We’ve now added the option to include published images in the widget. We’re really excited about this new feature, as we know it’s such a powerful way to visually show researchers the product in use. 

These images are cropped to the panel of interest, annotated, and come with full licensing. We’ve designed the new widget so they are shown on an image carousel, with the ability to expand individual images to view in more detail.

We’ve been collecting images for several years now, and our supplier partners have found them to be a particularly useful way give independent evidence of how their products have been used. These images can covey many use cases beyond initial supplier-provided information, helping researchers to assess the products more fully. 

You can watch our published images webinar for more information here.

What else has been added to the new Citations Widget?

We wanted suppliers to be able to showcase more of the information that researchers look for. For example, we’ve also added in infographics which show the breakdown of product use in relevant applications.

Most importantly, in the new widget you are able to turn on and turn off many more features to create your own bespoke package and suit different company-specific needs.

Infographics in the new widget for applications, reactivity and research area

What are the different widget options available to suppliers?

We have launched the new widget with three tiers. These are:

  • Product widget: Showcasing product citations, with the articles linked.
  • Product and annotation widget: This includes product citations as well as annotations such as application, reactivity and research area. You can also add infographics or filters to this widget.
  • Product, annotation and images widget: This tier includes all of the features above, as well as published images for your products.

What makes the CiteAb widget different to other options out there?

Firstly, we have a >99% accuracy rate for our citations, with some widgets available having accuracy rates of around 70%. We also make sure that all our citations, images and annotations are specific to the product and not just the paper, making the information highly relevant.

Our data collection pipeline makes use of human reviewing as well as AI, contributing to this high quality level. This quality is a cornerstone of the work we do at CiteAb, as it means suppliers can have confidence they are showing the correct information.

We also consistently focus on growing our citation coverage – recently, we’ve built partnerships with publishers such as Springer Nature and Wiley meaning we can identify products from their closed-access journals. 

Importantly, we are able to collect citations for any reagent type, instrument and software. As long as it’s been cited in a paper, we are able to feed the information into the widget.

Interested in trying out the new widget?

We are excited to see the new widget go live on more of our partner’s pages, and we are looking for more suppliers to be early adopters and try out the new product.

We can’t wait to build new partnerships and help more suppliers with this tool! 

Do get in touch to discuss trying out the widget.

  • Skye and the CiteAb team
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