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In this blog:

  • How does the CiteAb-Karger partnership work?
  • Why are CiteAb and Karger working together?
  • How will suppliers and researchers see benefits from this partnership?

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Karger Publishers, a global publishing company with over 130 years of history in high quality publishing for the health sciences.

This partnership will enable the team at CiteAb to apply our proprietary text mining technology to Karger’s closed-access, high quality publications, generating new citation data from this content for the benefit of the life science community (both reagent suppliers and researchers!)

Citation data will be fed-back to Karger for internal use, allowing them to maximise the benefits and impact from their high quality content through further insights.

How the Karger-CiteAb Partnership works
How the Karger-CiteAb Partnership works

Who are Karger Publishers?

Karger Publishers, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, are a publishing house active in 15 countries. Their publishing programme spans 102 high quality journals. 

Karger’s mission of connecting and advancing health sciences resonates with our mission at CiteAb to help accelerate science; we’re excited to be working together to advance both of our goals. 

Their focus on innovation is evident beyond their publications. For three years, they have run the Vesalius Innovation Award, which focuses on celebrating early stage, innovative companies with a focus on health science and open science. CiteAb was named as a runner up in 2021.

Why have CiteAb and Karger partnered together?

CiteAb and Karger have partnered together to provide greater insights into life science product use for both researchers and suppliers looking to find or sell the best reagents. Karger will also see benefits through new insights from data provided back to them.

Applying CiteAb’s unique methodology for data collection, AI text mining combined with extensive human reviewing, will ensure that the data collected from quality Karger publications is of the highest accuracy. This powerful data will be fed into our search engine for researchers, and data-based products for suppliers. 

CEO of CiteAb, Dr Andrew Chalmers, commented: ‘We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the great team at Karger, we’ve really enjoyed working with them and have been impressed by their openness to new innovations. This partnership will expand our ability to provide high quality citation data of the highest coverage to the life science industry. We’re excited to be able to help even more researchers and suppliers.’

Marc Schindelholz, Head of Strategy, Innovation & Ventures at Karger Publishers commented: “Through our new cooperation with CiteAb we want to support scientists to find the right reagents quicker. Besides streamlining the research process, this will also improve reproducibility in research and thus help advance health sciences.”

Benefits to reagent suppliers

  • New, valuable citation data will be available in CiteAb’s data-based products, providing further insights into reagent markets for suppliers
  • In the search engine, more high quality citations for supplier products may be available, which can inform researchers’ purchasing decisions
  • More citations will be provided in our widgets and excel file/API citation deliveries, to display on supplier websites

Benefits to researchers

  • New information from Karger publications (product citations with experimental information) will be generated
  • All of this will be freely available via the CiteAb search engine, which researchers can use to find and evaluate products for their experiments
  • This will enable more comprehensive evaluations of products, leading to a higher success rate in selecting research products that work 

You can try out the search engine here:

We are excited to see how this partnership saves time and money in research, helping researchers select the right reagents and suppliers sell the best products. 

Interested in working with us?

We are always open to new partnerships, whether you’re a publisher or want to work with CiteAb in another way, we encourage you to get in touch!

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