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What trends are we seeing in the ELISA kit market in the US and China? And how are companies responding to these trends?

Our ELISA test citation-based market data covers over 760k ELISA kits (including sandwich ELISAs, competition ELISAs, multiplex ELISAs and much more). Citation share gives a reliable indicator of past product sales, and a leading indicator for future purchasing decisions – offering us a unique insight into the market.

We have previously looked at which life science companies are growing their share overall  in the ELISA market, singling out BioLegend, Elabscience and Cusabio for their dramatically rising share. You can read the full analysis here.

Following on from this analysis, we noticed a fascinating trend: company performance in China appeared to be impacting supplier share rankings globally. In fact, the Chinese market has surpassed the US with their ELISA kit share in recent years. 

To find out more, we looked a bit deeper into our geographic data for ELISA kits for a selection of different companies who we found to be succeeding in the Chinese market.

Trends in overall ELISA share in China vs the US

The past ten years have seen a drastic change in the market share of China and the US, the two leading markets for ELISA tests. 

When we look back to the start of the decade, the US held a third of the ELISA kit market. However, year on year China has grown its share.

Now we see that the tables have turned: China has just over a quarter of the market, whereas the US now has just under a quarter.

So, which companies are operating in these markets with success? And how have they responded to this shift in ELISA kit usage? 

Company market share trends in the Chinese and US ELISA test markets 

Leaders in the global ELISA kit market

The global market leader for ELISA kits remains R&D Systems. The reagent supplier has a significant 25% share of the global market. Impressively, they have a 10% market lead over any other supplier in the market. Their best performing geographic market is the United States, where they are market leaders. 

Interestingly, we have seen a decrease in their global citation share over the years, which is mirrored in the growth of other suppliers who are instead finding strength in China.

One such supplier is Abcam. At the start of the decade, well over a third of Abcam’s citation share was from the US. However, over the years they have seen a declining share in the US, and a dramatically increasing share in China. Abcam now has 44.94% of the Chinese market, and is the leader here. They are also now the second most cited supplier globally, and have seen steady growth over the past ten years to claim this spot. 

The final supplier in the top three is Thermo Fisher Scientific, a position it has held since 2018, with Cusabio following closely behind.

Looking beyond the top three, we noticed a number of suppliers following a similar trend to Abcam – utilising the growing Chinese market to increase their market share – and so we took a closer look at this data. 

ELISA test suppliers growing their market share in China

Solarbio ELISA kit market share trends

Solarbio has recently caught our attention with their striking growth in ELISA kit share. Ranking at 79th position in the market in 2019, the company is now set to break into the top 25, with a current position of 26th in the global market. Solarbio are headquartered in China, with over 1200 ELISA kits available. 

Focusing specifically on the Chinese market, we found that the majority of their citations were from here. In China, they rank as the 11th most cited supplier as of 2022. We will be watching closely to see if they are able to break into the top 10 in China in the future, and whether this coincides with a rise in their rank in the global ELISA market. 

Proteintech ELISA kit market share trends

Proteintech is a global supplier of antibodies, ELISA kits and proteins, with antibodies and immunoassay kits against 13,000 different targets.

We have noticed that their share in the Chinese ELISA kit market as a proportion of their overall market share has been on the rise. This focus in China has been paying off as they now rank 22nd globally as of 2022, an impressive rise from 54th in 2017.

In China specifically they ranked in 10th position in 2022, having risen from 13th position in 2017. In fact, the majority of Proteintech’s ELISA kit citations were from China. 

Beyotime biotechnology ELISA kit market share trends

Beyotime Biotechnology has seen a very similar trend.

We have seen the company drastically increase their citation share in the global market since 2017, rising to 11th position in 2022. Interestingly, we noted that the supplier is ranked 5th in the Chinese market and its products are almost exclusively cited in China. This is an increase in rank from 27th in 2017.

Given the trends we have observed, we will be watching to see if Beyotime Biotechnology manages to break into the top 10 globally in the upcoming years. 

In recent analysis, we have also noticed the supplier seeing broader success in the kits market. When we looked at the top 100 most popular kits of 2022, they ranked in 2nd position, demonstrating increasing use of their products. Their top cited kit in this list was their BCA Protein Assay Kit. They also entered the top 100 antibody list for the first time. 

Interested in more insights?

Below, you can download data for ELISA kit citation share in China from the past three years for the three suppliers we have analysed in this blog: Beyotime Biotechnology, Proteintech and Solarbio).

If there’s a certain aspect of the ELISA kit market you want to read more about on our blog, do let us know! We always appreciate feedback from our readers.

And, if you want to learn more about this dynamic space – it’s leaders, areas of opportunity for product development, and growing markets to watch – we have recently launched an ELISA kits market insights pack! This package offers quarterly structured datasets covering Countries, Individual Kits, Companies and Research Areas. Get in touch to find out more.

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