Final week to enter in the 2022 CiteAb Awards!


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In this blog:

  • What are the 2022 CiteAb Award categories?
  • Why enter this year?
  • When do entries close?

As the nomination stage of one of our favourite times of year (the CiteAb Awards!) draws to a close, we are giving a final reminder of some key information: categories, prizes and deadlines! 

The 2022 CiteAb Award categories 

This year, categories you can nominate in include:

  • Environmental Initiative of the Year
  • Innovation Award
  • Acquisition of the Year
  • Image of the Year
  • Researchers’ choice
  • Award for Significant Individual Impact

For further detail about each nomination-based award, simply head over to our awards website and click on the category. You will find information on awards criteria, and instructions on how to submit a nomination.

The awards are free to enter, applications are under 300 words and you can put forward a nomination in as many categories as you like! 

Data-based categories include:

  • Cell Line Supplier of the Year
  • Recombinant Antibody Supplier of the Year
  • Carbohydrate Supplier of the Year
  • Multiplex Immunoassay Supplier to Watch in 2022
  • Protein Supplier to Watch in 2022
  • Supplier succeeding in Sars-Cov-2 research
  • Supplier succeeding in KO validation
  • Supplier succeeding in cancer research

We will be thoroughly analysing high-quality CiteAb data to determine the winners in these data-based categories.

Why enter in the CiteAb Awards?

This year is particularly special. 

Instead of traditional awards like those we have presented in previous years, we are gifting winning companies 10 square metres of land with Co-Forest. This land will be planted with trees, and the plot containing your very own tiny future forest can be named after your company. 

Co-forest is creating a diverse woodland with their first project, Acorn, in the Bristol/Bath area. Companies and individuals are able to pledge and plant in this project, which is planned to be the first of many Co-Forest carbon-offsetting initiatives. 

We hope to make a small difference by switching from trophies to awarding little pieces of woodland that can have a lasting impact.

On top of this, you will receive a winners pack including marketing materials and a digital certificate. Winners’ stories will also be promoted across the CiteAb blog and social media. We hope to attend the AACR conference this year to congratulate our winners in person and award certificates.

How to enter

Entering is simple, free and easy. Follow this link to our awards website and fill out the short nomination form in your desired category. Nominations close in one week (the 21st February!).

The whole CiteAb team wishes you the very best of luck with all your nominations! 

  • Alicia and the CiteAb Team
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