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In this blog:

  • How do we collect product citations to ensure scientific accuracy?
  • How do we determine which data we show?
  • How can displaying quality citations help you drive sales on your site?

Our Citation Widget enables reagent companies to display life science citations and images collected by us directly on their webpages. 

We focus on only providing data of the highest quality. Beyond ensuring that the citation is accurate, quality to us means that information shown is always scientifically relevant, unique and reliable.  

Today, we delve a little deeper into how we collect and curate our citation data, and how this can help improve researcher experience and ultimately drive your sales.

Quality in practice

The four ways we achieve data quality on our citation widget

1. No ambiguity – the product has actually been used

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, we have strict criteria to ensure that we only show scientific articles in which we are confident the product has actually been used.

Having stringent criteria here means you don’t run the risk of misleading your customers or accidentally sending them to a competitor by showing a citation for the wrong product. 

When mining the literature we use a combination of text mining tech and a team of real scientists checking citations, to make sure that the citations found contain the right product.

CiteAb data collection pipeline infographic

We also make sure we always identify the exact products, avoiding collecting citations for different products with a very similar name! 

For researchers, we know it’s important that the citations they evaluate on webpages are accurate so they don’t waste valuable research time looking at papers that are irrelevant to their work, or worse, buy the wrong product; this is the core reason we do not allow for ambiguity.

2. No frustrating duplicated publications

The second way we translate quality into practice is by showing each publication related to the product only once.

This means that all publications will be unique on our partners’ pages, as opposed to displaying the paper as a new reference each time the product is mentioned. 

By not including duplicates, we save researchers’ time and improve their experience. All in all, this can lead to a better impression of your brand and products, driving sales. 

3. Extra experimental information is directly relevant to how the product was used

Another way we focus on quality is by ensuring that the extra information we collect from scientific articles is actually relevant to the product in question.

When we look for information such as application, reactivity or dilution we make sure that this is product-specific and not just mentioned somewhere in the paper.

So if your product has been used in western blot in the publication but IHC and Flow cytometry were also used for different products, only western blot will be shown on the product page.

Only including the relevant data efficiently showcases if the product is right for a researcher’s purposes. Not doing so would risk misleading researchers, wasting research time and leaving unhappy customers. 

4. Published images show specifically where the product was used

We crop all the published images we collect to the specific panel that the product was used in.

This gives visual evidence for exactly where and how the product was used, adding product credibility to your pages.

Displaying only the panel of interest is a particularly useful feature for researchers, helping them to plan their experiments with your products. 

The four ways CiteAb ensures data quality on our Citation Widget to help researchers on reagent company websites.

Interested in trying the widget out?

We believe that the quality of citations can really improve researchers’ experience and, most importantly, help them purchase the right products for their work to accelerate their progress. That’s why we have such a focus on the accuracy of our citations.

If you’d like to chat with the team some more or get some information about anything discussed here, do just reach out! 

You can also try out the citation widget with no obligation for a month to see how it works on your site.

Find out how our citation provision can help you to drive sales of your life science products.
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