Which labelled biochemical suppliers are growing?


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  • Market share in the labelled biochemicals market is changing.
  • Over 20% of the market has changed hands over the last four years.

Following on from my blog just before Christmas about the products seeing success in the labelled biochemicals market, today I am taking a look at which suppliers of these products are seeing a growth in market share, and those seeing a loss. 

Stable isotopically labelled biochemicals are products that have one or more elements in the compound replaced with a non-radioactive isotope, allowing observation of the compound throughout a reaction, or within a cell for example.

To carry out the analysis that I am sharing with you today I have been looking at CiteAb’s data for these products over the past nine years, from 2011 to 2019. This gives a unique insight into how this market operates and which companies are seeing growth or decline. 

Interestingly, this market was relatively stable in the first part of the last decade, but has seen some significant changes take place since 2015. 

The second-largest supplier in the labelled biochemicals market, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, reflected this market change, maintaining a steady citation share until it began to drop away in 2015, ultimately losing almost 20 per cent of its share of the market between then and 2019. 

At the same time, MilliporeSigma began to grow and make some claims on the market share lost by Cambridge Isotope Laboratories. The company, which is now the largest player in the labelled biochemicals market, grew its share steadily since 2015, but this alone doesn’t account for Cambridge Isotope Laboratories ~20 per cent loss. 

In fact, other suppliers in the market also contributed to this – Avanti, Cayman Chemical and Perkin Elmer have each taken a share of this market from Cambridge Isotope Laboratories in the past few years. 

This is a fast-growing market, with the number of citations for labelled products increasing year-on-year. This suggests that there is a real opportunity in this space, and Cambridge Isotope Laboratories has missed out on claiming some of the new market share being created by increased demand. 

I’m excited to continue monitoring the labelled biochemicals market – things are changing fairly quickly and there are a number of new players starting to enter the market. MedChemExpress is one of these, and although the company’s products have only started to be cited in the last few years, they’re seeing a steady increase and we might see them begin to compete with the more established players in the near future. 

I’ll continue to revisit this dataset and keep an eye on changes in this market. If you’d like to see the full dataset for our labelled biochemicals, or our biochemical data more widely, please do [drop me a line] as I’d be very happy to talk you through it. 

And today I am giving away the data for the citation share of the top five suppliers in the labelled biochemicals market over the past nine years for free – for your copy sign up below and I’ll send it direct to your inbox. 

– Rebecca and the CiteAb team 

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