Innovation is fundamental in the life science sector. The 2022 CiteAb Innovation Award seeks to reward an innovative product or solution set to change the sector in a significant way. 

This award will be judged by a panel of impressive life scientists working in reagent, research and publishing fields. 

To suppliers, you are able to nominate your own company in this category. For our researcher readers, we encourage you to nominate a product that has impressed you. You can do so by filling out a short form on our awards website.

What will our judges be looking for?

They will focus on the quality of a single nomination (the quantity of nominations doesn’t matter to us!) In particular, they will be evaluating the advantages and successes of the product, and how it has positively contributed to the life science sector. 

This product can be from any reagent type or instrument – the only stipulation is that the product must have been launched in the past twelve months. 

If you are looking for inspiration, you can read about our most recent innovation award winner Millipore Sigma, with their ZooMAb® Recombinant Antibodies. Millipore Sigma were recognised for their new range of recombinant monoclonal antibodies; innovations included improvements to scalability, shipping processes and antibody stability.

In 2019, the award went to Milltenyi for their REAlease releasable antibodies. These antibodies make complete release from cells possible after cell sorting, opening doors for a wider range of applications.

Looking further back, in 2018 Diagenode won for their ‘Automated ChIPmentation’ technology which integrates ChIP with next generation sequencing library preparation, therefore streamlining ChIP-seq protocols.

As you can see, the range of winning products is broad. To make your application stand out, aim for concision whilst clearly conveying the concept of the product.

Can you think of a product that has showcased innovation? Nominate it now! 

We have a number of other nomination-based categories which you can discover more about on our awards website. You have until the 21st February to enter. A month later (21st March) the winners will be announced! 

If you have any further questions about the Innovation Award, or any other award-related questions, please feel free to contact the awards team.

Best of luck to all nominating, we can’t wait to read your entries!

  • Skye and the CiteAb Team