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In this blog:

  • We give you an introduction to the CiteAb reagent search engine
  • What does partnering with us to list involve?
  • What are the benefits of partnering with CiteAb?

Our search engine is used by over 90,000 scientists each month as a resource to find reagents for their work. We list over 13 million reagents from ~600 suppliers, ranking products by citation count, offering useful filters and providing experimental information for our users.

As a reagent supplier, partnering with us to maximise the benefits of listing on our search engine can drive product sales, increase brand exposure and help our researcher users.

Today we take a moment to answer some common questions around this service and our search engine…

Who do we do at CiteAb?

At CiteAb, we focus on data collection, text-mining the scientific literature to identify and understand product use in the scientific literature. Data collected powers this unique reagent search tool for researchers, as well as our data services for reagent suppliers, publishers, investment companies and biopharma/biotech researchers.

What is the CiteAb reagent search engine?

Built in response to the struggle of a researcher scouring the literature to ensure they were buying the right products, CiteAb has grown into a vast database and search engine with over 13m products from around 600 suppliers, across five reagent types.

In our search engine, these products are ranked only by citations. This means scientists can easily see reagents that have been used successfully by their peers, and decide if they are the best ones for their experiments.

Although suppliers can not influence ranking, they can still maximise the benefit they get from our search engine.

How to use the Citeab reagent search engine to search, evaluate, purchase products
How to use the Citeab reagent search engine to search, evaluate and purchase products

Our reagent search engine currently covers the following reagents:

What does listing on the reagent search engine involve?

Product pages on our reagent search tool help researchers to view citations in more detail, see experimental information, published images, and also visit the supplier site to purchase products directly.

We’ve worked hard to curate useful information on these pages, such as application, reactivity, dilutions and validation data.

Example product page on the CiteAb search engine

On these pages, there is an opportunity to add a custom advert, contact details and a logo, as shown above.

We can take a full catalogue of products and upload it into our database to ensure we list all your products, not just the ones we have found, and that product information is complete.

What benefits are there to partnering with us?

By partnering with us, you can maximise the benefits of your listings on our search engine to help:

  • Drive sales
  • Increase product and brand exposure
  • Help researchers using the search engine

Displaying an advert, logo and contact details encourages click-throughs to your site. When a researcher finds themself on a CiteAb product page, they are actively looking to find a product that fits their needs. This means listing on our search engine generates highly qualified leads. 

We recently spoke to one of our more specialist partners who has been listing on our search engine for many years. They told us that our partnership generates high quality traffic from over 1000 scientists each year, and the team have even been able to track a visitor go from CiteAb, to a product page, and the same product be bought a few hours later.

On top of this, we receive over 1.1m users to CiteAb each year, who trust us to help with their scientific research. These scientists include users in all of the top ten universities and 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, generating over 5 million annual page views. By partnering with us you’ll be able to maximise exposure of your products and services to this global user base.

The global spread of CiteAb users

On top of this, our listing service includes active management of your product catalogue on the search engine, meaning it is always up to date. By sending us your complete catalogue with product information, you can be certain all your product are listed and up-to-date on our search engine.

This helps researchers find the right products more easily and contributes to supporting a platform that is free-to-use for the research community.

Get in touch!

As well as search engine listings, we also have a number of custom services listing pages, covering: custom antibody suppliers, custom histology suppliers, custom peptide suppliers, custom sequencing suppliers and custom cell line suppliers which you can list your services on. 

If you’d like to partner with us to list on the CiteAb search engine or want to learn more, do reach out. I look after our listing clients and work closely with them to make sure they get the most value from this service and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Rhys and the CiteAb team
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