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In this blog:

  • We discuss Charles River’s entry and subsequent success in the S&P 500®
  • We explore which products are driving their growth
  • We examine Charles River’s global reach and possible opportunities for expansion

Charles River Laboratories (NYSE:CRL) entered the S&P 500® around one year ago, marking their impressive success in the life science industry. Today, we focus on Charles River’s performance in the animal models market given their increasing citation share and continued success.

At CiteAb, our experimental models dataset allows us to glean insights on different markets. By analysing highly accurate product citations from the scientific literature, we can get a sense of the positioning and growth of reagent suppliers. 

We were interested, but not surprised, to uncover increasing product usage for Charles River’s animal models and comprehensive global coverage. 

An infographic to show key statistics for Charles River Laboratories

The importance of Charles River in the animal model market and the S&P 500 index

American company Charles River Laboratories serves the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Industries. Covering laboratory, cell therapy, and gene therapy services, they have grown since 1947 to now support the development of 86% novel FDA-approved drugs[1].

Headquartered in Wilmington, MA, they possess an extensive portfolio of products – one such product category being research models for biomedical research and beyond. This important part of their business includes research animal models such as inbred, outbred, disease and immunodeficiency models, including mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits to name a few examples.

Demonstrating their success in this market, in May 2021 Charles River Laboratories joined the S&P 500®, replacing FLIR Systems Inc. This important index tracks the performance of 500 large, publicly traded companies in the US[2,3].

CiteAb Experimental Model data insights

CiteAb’s recently launched experimental models data covers nearly 200,000 biological products, with over 187,000 citations from 91 suppliers. From cell lines, to animal models, to lysates and tissue sections, this data covers the market comprehensively. 

Analysis of this data revealed that total citations for Charles River products have increased by 450% over the last ten years. This trend demonstrates increased successful product usage over time, which only goes to support their entry into the S&P 500®.

The top cited product from Charles River was the C57BL/6J mouse, with over 2500 citations. C57BL/6J is an inbred strain, commonly used as a genetic background when genetically modified mice are utilised as models for human disease. It was the first mouse strain to have its genome sequenced, back in 2003. 

Further to this, we noted a comprehensive global coverage for Charles River’s citation share. Most citations came from the US, Japan, Germany and France (see below). Overall, they had coverage of over 40 countries

It was interesting to find China outside of the top 10, given its impressive citation share in other reagent markets. Could this represent an opportunity for further expansion?

A pie chart to show Charles River citation share by country

Overall, Charles River claim second position as most cited animal model supplier, just behind The Jackson Laboratory. Other notable players in the animal model space include Janvier Labs and Envigo.

It is worth noting that The Jackson Laboratory and Charles River have a cooperative agreement concerning local supplies of JAX™ Mice, including the ApoE knockout mice. This means Charles River supply biomedical researchers in many European and Asian countries with these products[4].

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