Quarterly Updates (Q1 2022): Bringing you up to date with CiteAb news


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In this blog:

  • We summarise CiteAb news from the past few months
  • What improvements and changes have we seen?
  • What has the team been up to?

Our 2022 so far has been exciting and busy – from welcoming new team members, to concluding the eighth annual CiteAb Awards, to launching new products and more!

Today we bring you up to date with notable CiteAb news from the last quarter.

What’s new?

Alongside our usual activities, we are really excited that this quarter we have been able to launch new products and implement significant data improvements. This aligns with our goals to consistently develop and expand our quality data offerings for suppliers and keep improving our search engine for researchers.

Pre-prints included in data deliveries

For our data deliveries this quarter we have begun to include pre-print data. By adding these pre-prints, suppliers are able to get forward-looking insights into markets, on top of the ability to analyse data from the traditional peer reviewed literature. 

We are currently working on integrating pre-prints into our search engine, so researchers can also benefit from more citations and experimental data to inform their product choices and find the best possible reagents for their research. 

New product launch

We were thrilled to launch the ‘Listing with protein/ biochemical market insights’ packages this quarter.

Last quarter we launched ‘Listing with Antibody Market Insights’ which includes the opportunity to list on CiteAb, as well as quarterly themed datasets on Countries, Companies, Research Areas and Individual Antibodies. ‘Listing with protein/biochemical market insights’ offers the same listing benefits and themed datasets, but with Individual Proteins or Individual Biochemicals as the fourth quarterly data delivery. 

This product launch enables even more suppliers who do not require the full market dataset to utilise CiteAb data. You can read more about this product here.

Team news

This has been a particularly eventful quarter for us at CiteAb, with our gradual return to the office as restrictions eased and new faces joining the team!

During our return to the office in January, we began to search for a business development manager to drive CiteAb’s growth and ensure we are helping as many as we can in the life science sector. We are delighted to welcome Jonathan to the team!

We are also really excited to have hired a new developer, Tom, who will be starting in a couple of months. He will be working with our team to continue innovating and improving our tech. 

We’ve also enjoyed some great company days out, including a VR day – one to be experienced before eating anything substantial!

CiteAb Awards presentations

Finally, we concluded the 2022 CiteAb Awards. It was so rewarding to announce all the 2022 winners and be able to celebrate the successes of researchers and suppliers in the life science sector over the past year. We have just returned from AACR where we had a great time presenting our awards in person for the first time in a couple of years.

Our winners represent the diversity and growth in the sector: with large, established suppliers as well as up and coming niche companies. We loved reading all the nominations detailing the countless innovations in the sector ranging from environmental initiatives, to new products to acquisitions. It was also really interesting to delve into each category and recognise suppliers’ successes for our data based awards. 

Congratulations to all the winners again – you can read all about the winners’ stories over at our awards website

Finally, a reminder to keep an eye on our social media and blog as we have a few exciting new partnerships to announce very soon!

As ever, we love to hear what you think of CiteAb. To both researchers and suppliers, if you have any feedback on what could make the most difference to you, do reach out.

  • Skye and the CiteAb Team
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