Introducing Market Insights for Proteins and Biochemical reagents


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In this blog:

  • What is the Listing with Market Insights package?
  • What sort of market analysis is included?
  • What are the benefits for suppliers?

We are so excited to announce the launch of the protein and biochemical Listing with Market Insights package! This follows the successful launch of the Listing with Antibody Market Insights package (which you can find out more about here).

Given the dynamic nature of the biochemical and protein reagent markets, it is important to stay on top of emerging market trends in order to support company success in a variety of ways. 

This package, similar to our Antibody Market Insights offering, enables you to list your products with CiteAb and receive quarterly themed datasets containing unique market analysis.

Today we talk with Rebecca, product manager for our protein and biochemical datasets, to find out more about the package.

Why is ‘Listing with Market Insights’ being launched for proteins and biochemicals?

We know how useful the market insights are to our antibody customers, so we wanted to produce a similar dataset for suppliers of biochemicals and proteins. 

We’ve worked hard to improve and increase the data available to researchers through the CiteAb reagent search. We want to ensure this data which powers the search is also helping all the suppliers it can. Listing with Market Insights does just this, by providing the scope for technical analysis of reagent markets to suppliers of all sizes.

What will the Market Insights package include? And what are the benefits of the package for suppliers?

Listing with Market Insights offers the advantages of listing on CiteAb on top of quarterly themed datasets which give a reliable view on a range of important aspects in the protein or biochemical reagent markets. 

Listing on CiteAb provides the opportunity to add a logo and contact details, request a quote button and utilise advertising space on CiteAb product pages. The protein and biochemical pages receive tens of thousands of views from researchers in the world’s top academic and commercial research institutions, so listing here will expand brand awareness. On top of this, listing encourages highly qualified sales leads, with these leads being able to click directly through to your website.

CiteAb product page with listing benefits highlighted
Product page example with listing benefits highlighted

The quarterly datasets included are as follows:

Research Areas

  • A unique view of 13 individual research area markets, such as Cancer, Immunology, Biochemistry and COVID-19. For each research area, the top companies, institutes and biochemicals or proteins are explored.

Individual Biochemicals or Proteins

  • Individual market trends datasets impart useful, quantitative insights into which biochemicals and proteins are most frequently used by researchers and how this use is changing over time. 


  • Supplier share market data provides distinctive insights into the performance of over 100 suppliers in the biochemical and protein markets. The number of citations each supplier’s products receive gives a guide to their overall market share and how this is evolving, enabling performance benchmarking against key competitors.


  • Citations are shared for each continent and country; this helps suppliers understand the size of a country’s biochemical or protein market, therefore enabling identification of market trends and growth trajectories.

Market insights can help with product pipeline and development, business strategy and sales and marketing.

If you are a supplier who is not looking for the full dataset, this is the perfect package to still access those valuable market insights.

How large is the protein/biochemical dataset, used for the market analysis in the insights package?

We have worked hard to grow both the protein and biochemical datasets over the last few years in order to give an accurate snapshot of these reagent markets. They now provide extensive coverage, with almost half a million protein products and nearly 1 million biochemicals. This huge collection of reagents is ranked by hundreds of thousands of citations that our text mining technology has identified in the scientific literature.

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If you have any further questions on what this package contains, or would like to discuss anything further please do get in touch! You can also sign up below to download sample data and get a taste of the quarterly insights provided.

  • Rhys and the CiteAb team

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