How is supplier share in the biochemicals market changing?


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Searching for insight on supplier share for a specific reagent market? Our supplier share series, which began this week with a blog on the multiplex market, will focus on individual markets and how suppliers are performing over time using our data on annual citation share.

Today we provide an updated view on the biochemicals market which we last posted about in 2019. By signing up at the bottom of this blog, you will be able to download current data on the 2020 citation share for the top ten suppliers in the biochemicals market.

Over the years, we have increased both the scope and depth of our biochemicals dataset. We now have data on a massive 950,000 products from 126 suppliers, with almost 300,000 citations. This represents an incredibly broad dataset containing a huge range of chemical products used by life scientists, with everything from carbohydrates, to bioactive small molecules, fluorescent dyes and cell culture media.

An exciting improvement to the dataset has been the addition of classifications, which has enabled further insight into specific types of products within the broader biochemical market, ranging from peptides to carbohydrates and lipids.

A ten year view on the biochemicals market

A lot has changed in the last ten years, but MilliporeSigma’s position as top biochemical supplier hasn’t. Holding a substantial citation share of 73.39% from 2011-2020, MilliporeSigma dominates this market.

In second position is Tocris (part of BioTechne) with a 4.50% citation share, followed closely by Selleck Chemicals with 4.23%. 

As our data has become broader, we have seen new companies enter the top suppliers list. Vector Laboratories, who have recently become an independent company after completing a buyout from Maravai LifeSciences, now rank fourth in this dataset. Vector Laboratories supply many cell culture mediums and stains, which our dataset has expanded to include. Notably VECTASHIELD Mounting Mediums, which preserves fluorescence for applications such as cellular imaging, received the most citations for this supplier.

As well as an increasing number of suppliers in our data, we have seen many companies sustain a positive growth trajectory in this market over many years. For the past five years, Thermo, Abcam and MedChemExpress have all grown their citation share.

When we last commented on this fluid market in 2019, we noted that small growing companies have the ability to impact the big players. We will be interested to see if this increase in citation share continues when we next look at the biochemicals market, and what the impacts may be to the dominant suppliers.

What changed in 2020? 

By looking at our data for 2020, we can get a sense of how this market is evolving and any changes we may expect to see in the year ahead.

In 2020 MilliporeSigma claimed a citation share of 67.95%, maintaining its dominant position in the market. However, we noted reshuffling of other top suppliers in the data. Tocris dropped to third place with a 4.34% citation share, swapping positions with Selleck Chemicals who gained almost 1% in citation share. 

MedChemExpress increased their citation share, previously ranking in tenth position from 2011-2020. In 2020, their 1.83% increase in citation share boosted them to sixth position.

Other changes we saw included the increasing citation share of BioLegend, resulting in Santa Cruz dropping out of the top ten in 2020. 

The data used for this blog represents a small snippet of our biochemicals dataset – to find out more about our market data please do get in touch. Check back in on our blog for supplier share updates on experimental models and proteins in November!

  • Rebecca and the CiteAb team

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