Which suppliers are leading in the Multiplex Immunoassay market?


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To begin our supplier share blog series we are taking a dive into our data on supplier share, calculated by citation count per year for each supplier, in the multiplex immunoassay market.

We have collected thousands of citations for this market, including data on 19 suppliers and over 700 cited products. For this analysis, we looked at a segment of our data going back five years in order to provide some early insight into this increasingly competitive market and the big players within it. 

Multiplex immunoassays are able to detect multiple analytes in one experimental set-up, saving time, cost and improving the consistency of results in the lab. Our data encompasses the whole of this market, covering many types of multiplex immunoassays such as planar/spatial separation, suspension/bead or particle based, planar bead or particle based, and tissue imaging multiplex kits. 

Who is leading in this market?

As of 2020, MilliporeSigma lead this market with over a quarter of citations – a position they have maintained over the past five years. Data on our other reagent types shows MilliporeSigma dominates both the protein and biochemicals market – an impressive coverage. 

Claiming second position with an ~18% market share is R&D systems (part of Bio-techne) who are also currently the largest ELISA kit supplier. Following closely is BD Bioscience with a ~14% market share. 

To complete the top five is Bio-Rad in fourth and BioLegend, who were recently acquired by PerkinElmer for $5.25 billion, in joint fifth with Meso Scale Diagnostics. 

A five year view on the multiplex immunoassay market 

Having grown our dataset year on year, we are able to look back and monitor changes to the market over time. 

We have noted an increase in the size and competition within the multiplex immunoassay market. Our data from 2016 included 11 suppliers –  today this number has almost doubled with eight new cited suppliers. This expansion has been reflected in a decreasing supplier share over time for both MilliporeSigma and BD Bioscience. Despite this decrease, they have maintained their positions as strong leaders of the market. In comparison, R&D systems have seen neither growth nor decline in citation share.

Bio-Rad, BioLegend and Meso Scale Diagnostics have all increased their citation share over the past five years. Of particular note is BioLegend’s growth from a <1% market share in 2016 to 7% of the market in 2020. If they continue on the same trajectory, we could see a challenge to the top three players in the future. 

We will be watching this market closely as our dataset expands to see if market growth continues and how this will manifest itself in changes to supplier share.

Sign up below to download data on the top 10 multiplex immunoassay suppliers in 2020. Our data can provide valuable and versatile insights, ranging from an understanding of supplier and product performance across the entire multiplex market to detailed benchmarking analysis of market segments such as planar chemiluminescence multiplex kits or suspension/bead or particle based kits for Luminex. Get in touch to learn more!

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