Which supplier is top in the protein market?

Last month I wrote about the brand new protein search feature I had been working on and had just released on CiteAb. Today I am going to take a first look at that protein data in a little more detail, and explore what it can tell us about suppliers in the proteins market. 

Our protein dataset includes a range of protein types such as streptavidins, enzymes and growth factors, and features over 238,000 products from 51 suppliers, so this isn’t a small market in the slightest. For today’s analysis I am going to limit the data I include to that for the past ten years.

What is instantly clear in this market is that MilliporeSigma really does hold the lion’s share – with just under 60 per cent of the total market share over the past ten years the company dominates. This isn’t the only market that MilliporeSigma is top supplier in – we recently outlined that they’re also at the forefront of the biochemicals market, so the company’s diverse approach to its product catalogue is working for it. 

MilliporeSigma is followed by R&D Systems, which claims just under 17 per cent of the market share, and Peprotech with just over 13 per cent. 

However, when I drill into this data in a little more detail, I can’t help but wonder if we’re about to see some changes in the protein market. 

In the data for the last three years we see both MilliporeSigma and R&D Systems lose market share, while Peprotech slowly gains. We’re not talking huge percentage points, but certainly a sustained shift for each company over a few years. 

Peprotech is making gains in the protein market

And Peprotech isn’t the only supplier making gains in the protein market – both Abcam and BioLegend have carved a space for themselves in this market more recently. 

This is a changing market, and one in which we might be about to see a dominant supplier start to lose market share. I don’t expect to see MilliporeSigma pipped by any other company here any time soon, but it will be interesting to see what moves companies like Peprotech take to push their products further into this space, and how MilliporeSigma responds, over the next year or two. 

I am planning to continue to look at this dataset in some detail over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out here on our blog for my next insight, focused on the top cited products in this market, and changes in how different products are being used.

And this week, if you’d like to get your hands on some free data we’re giving away – the details of market share for the top three protein suppliers over the past three years – sign up below to have this sent to your inbox. 

– Rebecca and the CiteAb team

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