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Are you an antibody supplier? Today, we are excited to introduce our Listing with Market Insights package and outline how it can help your business development.

CiteAb was created as a solution to a researcher’s problem of finding the right antibodies for research. We use data from the literature to provide a simple way for researchers to find antibodies, and now other reagents, that work. This data provides a unique view on reagent markets which can be used by suppliers to inform business decisions. 

Nearly ten years on, the data we collect on antibodies from scientific publications has increased massively and we have built long term partnerships with suppliers who use the complete antibody dataset we have cultivated. This new package is for suppliers who are still searching for insight into the antibody market but don’t necessarily require the full dataset.

So, what exactly is Listing with Market Insights and how does it use our citation data? 

To summarise, suppliers get all the benefits of our existing listing package as well as quarterly market insights. Listing means suppliers can add branding, an advert and a “get a quote” button to their product pages in our reagent search engine.

Market insights come as distinctive quarterly datasets which can help with strategy and business development, pipeline and validation and sales and marketing – allowing suppliers of all sizes to make informed decisions and innovations. These four datasets give a unique view on different aspects of the market: Research areas, Individual Antibodies, Companies and Countries. 

The antibody market is constantly evolving. We have previously analysed interesting changes in supplier share, top products and geographical trends, to name a few examples from our blog. Behind the scenes, our team works hard to maintain an in-depth and current view of the changing research antibody market by increasing the amount of antibodies we have data on year on year. Our antibody dataset is both exceptionally accurate and comprehensive, and now includes almost two million antibody citations which we analyse to produce the Market Insights data. 

Sign up below to download our sample dataset for a taster of what our quarterly market insight datasets look like, and how they can be used to keep on top of these changing market trends and inform strategy. 

If you have any further questions about the Listing with Market Insights package, or want to chat further about how it can be used, please do get in touch! Alternatively, if you are interested in similar packages for one of our other reagent types (such as kits or proteins) then let us know.

  • Rhys and the CiteAb team

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