Three changes we’ve noticed in the protein supplier market


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  • What three changes do we think are most significant in the protein market?
  • What has been the impact of the covid pandemic?
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CiteAb citation data for catalogue research proteins over the past ten years tracks the market leaders, changes to supplier share and provides insight into market trends – all of which we will share with you today!

Our previous two blogs on supplier share for different reagent markets have focussed on the evolving biochemicals market and the increasingly competitive multiplex immunoassay market. Look out for the final two blogs in this series coming soon on experimental models and antibodies!

Since last writing on the protein supplier market in 2020, our dataset has grown. It now includes almost 400,000 products and 100,000 citations from 176 suppliers. This data encompasses a variety of proteins such as growth factors, cytokines, chemokines, enzymes and streptavidin. 

In 2020, we commented on MilliporeSigma’s dominance in this market as well as their decreasing market share. We also noted how companies such as PeproTech, Abcam and BioLegend were gaining citation share. So, what has changed? 

Market leaders’ citation share

Maintaining their lead in the protein market is MilliporeSigma, with an impressive 45.88% of the citation share. Claiming the following positions in the top five are R&D Systems, New England BioLabs, PeproTech, and Promega with a citation share of 15.34%, 10.85%, 9.85% and 3.86% respectively. 

Although MilliporeSigma and R&D systems have lost some market share over the past ten years, both remain the two dominant players in the market. Given the continuing changes we are observing in this market, we will be keeping a close eye on supplier share to see if the rankings change. 

The rise of other top 10 suppliers

The second trend we noted was the significant market share increase of other protein suppliers in the top 10. In particular, New England Biolabs and PeproTech grew their citation share by an impressive percentage. New England Biolabs’ citation share grew from 7.51% to 12.74% between 2011 and 2020, while PeproTech’s citation share increased from 4.69% to 11.84%. 

Other suppliers featuring in the top 10 who are showing an upward growth trajectory include BioLegend (0.04% to 3.25%) and Abcam (0.47% to 2.33%) In the middle ground we have Promega, whose citation share has remained fairly stable. 

Specific products impacting market share

Our final insight concerns interesting products which are having a noticeable impact on supplier share. We were interested to observe Sino Biological’s growth over the past two years correlate with their success in producing SARS-CoV-2 related protein products. Their SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, used for a variety of COVID-19 related research, was the 127th most cited product of 2020. 

Our citation data gives a unique view on the reagent market which can help business growth by informing strategic, product and development decisions. Sign up below to download data on the top 10 suppliers by citation share in the protein market from 2011-2020 for your own analysis. As ever, do get in touch with any further questions about this data and the full datasets we can offer for further insights.

  • Rebecca and the CiteAb team

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