New text mining tech gives autophagy insights

We recently told you that we have some tech updates in the pipeline – and today we are going to speak to one of our developers, Matt Helsby, to show you a new piece of tech we’ve created.

So Matt, what’s new?

“Hi there! Today we’re launching an update to our text mining technology which allows us to look at antibodies being used in very specific research areas. So for example, if you want to drill into the market for antibodies used in autophagy research we can filter out results to only include research papers that focus on that area.”

What sort of data can be gained with this new filter in place?

“The new filter doesn’t change the range of data available, it just focuses the research subject area. Therefore we can show the top suppliers, protein targets, clones and antibodies just as we can in any of our other data sets, but we can do this within the field of a very specific research focus.”

You used autophagy as an example, can you explain to us what this is?

“Yes – so autophagy is a cellular process, meaning self-devouring in Greek, where a cell can degrade and recycle cellular components after they are engulfed by a vesicle called the autophagosome. I picked this out as our first focused research area to look at today as I have just been reading about the 2016 nobel prize which was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi for his work on understanding this key cellular process.

And what does the data, with this new tech in place, tell us about autophagy research?

“Analysis of our data shows the top antibodies used in autophagy research are dominated by antibodies against the protein LC3B, which makes sense as this microtubule associated protein is modified during autophagy and is commonly used as a marker of the process.

“We see Novus, Sigma-Aldrich and Cell Signaling Technology anti-LC3B antibodies make up the top three antibodies in autophagy research.

“It is then not a surprise that when we look at the level of protein target to see that LC3B is the most cited protein target for antibodies used in autophagy research.”

Matt, how can readers find out more about this new level of data analysis?

“Well we’ll revisit this again next week on the blog, with a focus on another research area and more free data. Today though we’re giving away the top ten antibodies used for autophagy research – to get their hands on these readers can sign up below. The team here are also really happy to discuss this new feature with anyone interested in looking at a specific research area – do get in touch if you have a biological process in mind you’d like to explore.”
~ The CiteAb team

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