The production version of the CiteAb-JAGGAER integration is live!


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In this blog:

  • The production version of the JAGGAER-CiteAb integration is now accessible to all JAGGAER customers
  • Find out how this helps researchers and suppliers
  • Hear from our CEO about the partnership

We are excited to share that the production version of the JAGGAER-CiteAb partnership is live! 

Researchers at the bench in pharmaceutical and life science industries can now have easy access to this integration, with JAGGAER currently being used in more than half of the top 20 global pharma organisations in research operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

In this blog we briefly explain how our partnership works and its benefits.

What is the JAGGAER-CiteAb partnership?

Sourcing and procurement in life science research has been, and continues to be, a very important element of the research cycle to get right. Not only does buying the wrong reagent lead to wasted money, but the time and opportunity cost to advancing research is detrimental. 

The JAGGAER-CiteAb partnership enables researchers who use JAGGAER’s platform to utilise the CiteAb search within JAGGAER research material management (RMM) to help with their selection and purchasing workflow.

JAGGAER RMM is a centralised platform that makes procurement for higher education, biotech and pharmaceutical industries simple and efficient. The platform is used for acquiring and managing commercial reagents and lab supplies used for research, helping to manage research spend and ensure purchasing and regulatory compliance.

So, what is the purpose of the CiteAb integration?

The CiteAb search ranks products by citations, fundamentally changing the way researchers find reagents that work for their experiments. Currently covering antibodies, biochemicals, proteins, experimental models and kits & assays, the search helps over 70,000 researchers a month find and evaluate products.

By combining CiteAb’s expertise in finding the right product with the capabilities of JAGGAER RMM to then successfully and simply procure the product, our partnership has created an end-to-end solution which will help save researcher time and money.

To summarise, JAGGAER’s  users can launch a CiteAb search from their JAGGAER RMM account and find and add products to a shopping cart from the search. They can then transition back to JAGGAER, where matching products are found if available. In JAGGAER, practical details such as known processing costs and lead times can be evaluated before purchasing.

A workflow demonstrating how the JAGGAER-CiteAb integration works
A workflow demonstrating how the JAGGAER-CiteAb integration works

How will researchers benefit?

Some of the benefits of the CiteAb-JAGGAER partnership for users in research and procurement include:

  • Simplicity and ease of use
    •  Intuitive platform taking you from JAGGAER RMM to the CiteAb search, and back again
  • Confidence in CiteAb search data
    • Highly accurate citation data powers the CiteAb search, ensured by a combination of machine learning and extensive human reviewing
  • Comprehensive search functionality
    • The search contains useful filters and further information for product evaluation such as published images, helping you to easily find the right product
  • Efficiency and ease of purchasing through JAGGAER
    • Procurement and regulatory compliance made simpler, practical details such as pricing and availability shown
  • Predicted to save an average 20% on biological reagent spend
  • All JAGGAER-CiteAb sessions remain anonymous 

How will suppliers benefit?

Suppliers will have more exposure of their products listed on CiteAb, as researchers using JAGGAER are introduced to and make use of the CiteAb search. This makes it an opportune moment for suppliers who list on CiteAb to update product listings and ensure all information is current.

Our CEO Dr Andrew Chalmers said:

‘Launching the JAGGAER-CiteAb integration to all users is a really exciting next step for our partnership. We are thrilled to have created a solution that allows researchers to find and purchase the right reagents in a completely unbiased way as JAGGAER, like us, do not sell or take commission. Overall, this partnership aligns with our aims of accelerating scientific discovery and we can’t wait to see how it helps those in the life science and pharmaceutical industries.’

  • Rebecca and the CiteAb team
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