Quarterly roundup (Q2 2022): bringing you up to date with CiteAb news


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In this blog:

  • How has CiteAb data been improving?
  • What big announcements have we made?
  • What has the team been up to?

It’s been another busy quarter for us – with big announcements and growth for CiteAb.

Through all the exciting changes, we have made sure to not lose sight of our central focus on data quality. We have been adding to and improving our citation and reagent data consistently. This expanding data is used to power a range of products for suppliers and give important insights into reagent markets. 

Over the past three months, over 200,000 searches have been carried out on CiteAb and we have added over 200,000 citations and 750,000 products.

Besides improving our data, we revealed our new partners, grew our team and won an award in between! 

Announcing our new partner: JAGGAER

We were absolutely thrilled to introduce our new partner JAGGAER, the leader in autonomous commerce. In our innovative new solution for life scientists, the CiteAb search has been integrated into JAGGAER Research Materials Management (RMM) and is available to RMM users.

This integration combines a simple and reliable way of finding the right reagent through the CiteAb search with the many procurement and reagent management benefits of JAGGAER RMM, such as live pricing and compliance information.

One of the most important aspects of this partnership to us was that JAGGAER, like CiteAb, do not sell or take any commission from suppliers on their platform. This enables the platform to remain impartial, and help researchers sort through products in a completely unbiased way.

This is a really fantastic partnership which enables the trusted CiteAb search to help even more researchers in the life science and pharmaceutical industries. For those suppliers who list on CiteAb, it will further expand your reach as JAGGAER users utilise our platform.

We are really excited to see the benefits of this partnership for the research community unfold.

What’s new for our citation data and data-based services?

Over the past quarter, the breadth of our data has continued to grow with many new products and citations added.

Table displaying statistics for our reagent citation data improvements over the past quarter

On top of this, we recently calculated coverage of the human proteome for our protein and antibody datasets, finding that the data which powers our search engine and market data covers a comprehensive 94.1% of the human proteome for antibodies, and 70.25% for proteins.

We have also launched a new custom supplier services page focusing on custom genomic sequencing services. This joins our pages for custom histology services, custom cell line services, custom peptide services and custom antibody services. These pages provide a centralised resource for researchers, showcasing a range of suppliers offering custom services.

Our innovation has been recognised by the Queen!

At CiteAb we are always trying to improve, innovate and ensure our data remains of the highest quality. To receive a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category was a great boost for us all, showing that the work we are doing is truly innovative. 

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is the most prestigious business award in the UK, celebrating those companies who are leaders in their industry. You can read more about our Queen’s Award win on the CiteAb blog.

Members of the CiteAb and Storm Consultancy team, also recipients of the Queen’s Award for Innovation and CiteAb’s long term partners.
Andy at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise reception

This award is testament to the positive impact we are making in the industry. We are eager to continue improving and supporting the life science industry to further our goal of using data to accelerate science. 

What’s new for the CiteAb team?

It’s a really exciting time for the CiteAb team as our second new team member of 2022 officially joined this June! Our developer Tom is going to play a vital role in expanding CiteAb’s development capabilities, helping to continue growing our products and services. 

We have also been searching for two new bioscience data product managers to join our Citations team and Antibody team.

The CiteAb team celebrating the Queen’s Award win

We have really enjoyed getting back into conferences and meeting our connections in person. Alicia (Head of Citations and Images) and Jonathan (Head of Business Development) recently attending Pivotal Links in Oxford, and Jonathan and Rhys (Data Product Manager) attended FENS this month.

The team have also been busy sharing data insights on our blog. We have covered a wide range of topics, ranging from the top suppliers and products in cancer research to science guides on common alternatives to western blotting and follow-ups on our CiteAb Award winners.

Looking forward

We can’t wait to share news on some more exciting partnerships we have confirmed in the next quarter!

 We will be launching the top 100 product series on our blog in the coming weeks, which highlights the top 100 cited products for the range of reagent types we work on. Do look out for this on our blog and across our social media channels! 

We want to end with a big thank you to everyone we work with for the continued support – roll on quarter three!

  • Skye and the CiteAb team
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