Last week we reported on our brand new text mining technology developed by our team here at CiteAb. Today we’re looking at some very specific data we can access as a result of this new technology – insights into the antibodies used in prostate cancer research.

CiteAb developer Matt Helsby said: “Using this new text mining technology we can really drill down into the details for pretty much every research area, identifying the top suppliers, protein targets, clones, antibodies, researchers and institutions.

“This means suppliers can see more information than ever before regarding how their products are used in specific research communities, and where there may be opportunities to promote products that haven’t been as well picked up.”

Our free data set available today focuses on just one element of the insight we can give into prostate cancer research – the top most cited antibodies used. It is important here for us to point out that all our data focuses on research antibodies rather than therapeutic antibodies.

The top most cited research antibody for prostate cancer research was an anti-androgen receptor antibody raised by Santa Cruz Biotechnology.

Our founder Dr Andrew Chalmers is (in addition to running CiteAb!) a prostate cancer researcher at the University of Bath. He explains: “Androgen is key hormone that acts on the prostate gland via the androgen receptor and this receptor is a key therapeutic target for a number of prostate cancer treatments.”

The second most cited antibody is raised against Akt and supplied by Cell Signaling Technology. This protein forms part of the PI3K signaling pathway that is commonly altered in prostate cancer cells.

To view the top 10 antibodies and see what other proteins they target sign up below. If you are interested in our full and detailed data set on prostate cancer antibodies or, for that matter, on any other biological process or disease please get in touch.

– Katrina and the CiteAb team

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