We recently posted on our blog about the My Green Lab 2021 Summit, taking place online from 24th March. The full keynote panel and speaker profiles for the event have now been announced, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the highlights that our team here at CiteAb is looking forward to. 

The keynote panel at this year’s event is focused on systemic change and leadership. Transforming the scientific sector to an even greater positive force, with sustainability at its heart, is going to take vocal leadership and dedication to change the status quo, and this panel will bring together sustainability leaders from across the sector to discuss how best we can shape the future of sustainable science. 

Rebecca Sadler, CiteAb product manager, said: “This keynote panel session looks to be really impactful, with a line up of sustainability movers and shakers from the sector, and a topic that really challenges delegates to think about their own role and what they can do to challenge practices within their own companies. I am very much looking forward to learning more about what others across the industry are doing to create sustainability in their workplaces and on taking what I can back to the CiteAb team to challenge how we do things here.” 

The keynote panel features: 

  • Heather Henriksen, Managing director of Harvard University’s Office of Sustainability
  • Dr Darlene Solomon, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Agilent Technologies
  • Kenneth Wu, Executive Director of Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Health and Safety for Gilead Sciences
  • James Connelly, Chief Executive Officer of My Green Lab. 

Rebecca adds: “I am also looking forward to the technical sessions planned for the morning, which cover sustainable lab innovations and a discussion about the circular economy. It’s a phrase we’ve heard a lot and I am looking forward to learning more about how it applies to laboratories, and to how labs around the world are using new technologies and innovations to improve how they do business.” 

An afternoon panel, focused on building and maintaining momentum, has also now been announced. Included are: 

  • Georgiana Pierre-Louis, President and Principal Consultant at GPL Consulting, Inc.
  • Kristi Budzinski, Principal Sustainable Science Manager at Genentech
  • Will Reynolds, Co-founder of the You Change Earth Project
  • Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar, PhD, Green Labs Programme Manager at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Rebecca comments: “I am well aware that when discussing sustainability, everyone gets very fired up in the moment with great ideas on how we can do things in a greener way, but maintaining that level of enthusiasm over time can be really challenging. I think this sounds like a great session to address the psychological side of sustainability – when you’re talking about long-term behaviour change then you can’t ignore the need to continually motivate and encourage teams so I’m sure this session will give a lot of pointers on achieving that.”

You can see the full programme for the March 24th Summit on the My Green Labs website, and we do urge you to sign up as soon as possible as this promises to be an excellent event. We’d also love to hear of any of you who plan to attend and might be willing to let us know afterwards how you plan to incorporate things you learn into your businesses – we’d love to profile the measures life science companies are taking to improve the sustainability of the sector. Drop Rebecca an email if you’d like us to feature you on our blog in the future! 

– Katrina and the CiteAb team