We’ve launched!

Following a period of testing and development in Beta we’ve launched CiteAb this week as the world’s most comprehensive antibody search engine.

We’ve been working hard to build relationships with antibody companies and we’re now featuring nearly 1 million antibodies on the site – making us the world’s largest independent citation-ranked antibody search engine.

We’ve worked closely with over 60 antibody suppliers to build a strong relationship, resulting in the site being continually updated. We also have a number of fantastic offers on the purchase of antibodies searched for through the site during its launch week!

We believe CiteAb solves the age-old problem of choosing and buying the right antibodies. We rank by citations as these are the best guide to whether an antibody is likely to work in the laboratory – citations are independent and easily verifiable, and no one can pay to be the top hit. CiteAb should make the process much easier for researchers and save them a lot of time.

We’re keen for users to upload their publications – not only will Citeab provide your paper with greater visibility and improve its chances of being cited, but your citations will also help other researchers using CiteAb.

For news and discussion, as well as an opportunity to benefit from launch week freebies, see the blog, follow on Twitter at @CiteAb, or find CiteAb on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

We’re still really keen to have the feedback of the research community – in CiteAb we’re aiming to create *the* go-to place for antibody search so if you have any ideas they will be received with thanks.

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