1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    As so many of our readers are either based in the States or working with those who are, we thought we’d reach out from this side of the pond and wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving this week! Here’s a quick reminder of the key CiteAb turkey facts you’re going to need to get […]

  2. Who’s best supporting post-translational modifications?

    In the data we’re releasing today we explore those antibody suppliers that are doing the most to support the study of post-translational modifications (PTMs). Post-translational modifications involve the covalent addition of groups such as phosphate or methyl moieties. The addition of these groups are commonly linked to regulation of protein function and so play a […]

  3. Will you be at SfN this year?

    We’re heading out to San Diego this week to join the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting, and we’re really hoping to see a lot of you there. The event will be the SfN’s 46th annual meeting and is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, collaborate with peers, explore new […]

  4. CiteAb data boosts life science sales teams’ results

    Here at CiteAb we’re delighted to be launching our first custom data for sales teams in life science reagent suppliers. This new data helps sales teams improve their results, allowing them to both identify and contact researchers who are actually interested in purchasing antibodies, and to have more productive sales meetings backed by knowledge of […]

  5. Can you predict the top neuroscience antibody targets?

    We’re just a few weeks out from the Society for Neuroscience’s annual event, so with this field at the front of our minds we’ve delved into CiteAb’s data to offer you a neuroscience special this week. Today we’re looking at data for the main antibody protein targets for neuroscience research – before reading ahead why […]

  6. GBSI-hosted antibody validation event outlines new approaches

    Last week, our founder Dr Andrew Chalmers attended the Antibody Validation: Standards, Policies, and Practices workshop in California. The event aimed to develop validation approaches to increase reproducibility in preclinical research and improve the chances for breakthroughs in treatments and cures. More than 100 scientists and researchers spent three days working through the complexities uniquely […]

  7. New collaborations harness CiteAb data

    Over the past month we’ve embarked on two new partnerships that will see CiteAb data help more researchers around the world to do their work. We are now working with USA-based FluoroFinder and UK-based Chromocyte, both companies that aim to help scientists design complex flow cytometry experiments. FluoroFinder was set up in 2014 by Roland […]

  8. Who is winning the market share race?

    In the data we’re releasing today we take a look at which suppliers are gaining the most market share in the primary and secondary research antibody markets, and what their competitors can do to keep up.   As this is the first time CiteAb data has shed light on the companies leading in the secondary […]

  9. Catch up on AbVal16!

    If you follow our blog regularly you couldn’t have missed that last week our team was busy hosting antibody suppliers, academic and industry researchers and professionals from the pharmaceutical and biotech sector here in Bath for the 2nd International Antibody Validation Event. If you weren’t able to join us last week, here is a quick […]

  10. A proposal for the validation of antibodies

    The International Working Group for Antibody Validation, which we have mentioned before here on our blog, has just published its findings. This is especially apt as we embark on a week of antibody validation, with the 2nd International Antibody Validation Event taking place here in Bath on Thursday and Friday. We have had a good […]