We recently highlighted our distributor widget and put the spotlight on some of its newer users, and today we’re going to take a look at another side of the CiteAb widget – that used by subscribers who are focused on multiple reagent types.

We caught up with product manager Alicia Cooper to find out the latest on this use of the widget. She said: “The CiteAb widget provides an easy and automated way to get up to date citations direct to your product pages. We work with subscribers to help them choose which products they wish to use the widget for – some choose to use it across their catalogue for multiple reagent types.”

A few recent subscribers include:

Alpha Diagnostic International
This is one of our newest subscribers and the company is a major provider of custom services such as peptides synthesis and polyclonal antibodies, alongside its catalogue products.

Alicia adds: “We worked with ADI to understand what the company needed from the CiteAb widget, and in the end the team decided to subscribe for both its antibodies and ELISA kits. As a recent company listing on the CiteAb website, we’re very much looking forward to working with the ADI team more in the future.”

American Research Products has also started using the CiteAb widget for its antibodies and ELISA kits.

Alicia explains: “ARP wanted to see citations both for their own products, and for those of their suppliers. Whilst acting as a distributor for over 30 companies, the company is also clearly excelling as a supplier of own-brand products. Our data has shown an increase in citation count over the past five years, with trends continuing to grow.”

If you’d like to discuss the CiteAb Widget with Alicia get in touch with her today and she’ll be able to work with you to fully understand what you require and set you up with the best package for your needs.

– Katrina and the CiteAb team