The CiteAb Award for Significant Individual Impact returns for another year!

The 2023 CiteAb Awards are a celebration of the successes of reagent suppliers and individuals in the research reagent field. We set these awards up nine years ago to recognise how the work of this industry can help accelerate scientific progress. 

Many of our awards celebrate company wide achievements, such as innovative products or charitable initiatives. Through this award, we want to take the time to recognise a particular individual in the sector who is making a difference.

Do you have a remarkable colleague, or know of someone, in the research reagent sector who deserves to be celebrated? Now is your chance to nominate them.

Putting the spotlight on previous awardees

2022 Winner – Dr Giovanna Roncador 

Taking home the title in 2022 was Dr Giovanna Roncador. Her impressive contributions to the sector as the head of the Monoclonal Antibodies Unit/Biotechnology Programme at the CNIO, and as Founder and Chair of EuroMabNet deserved recognition.

Dr Roncador has dedicated much of her work to successful antibody production and technology transfer. In the course of her career she has been involved in the production of over 150 quality mAbs, contributing to the research and diagnosis of cancer, produced over 80 research articles, and licensed many antibodies to global reagent suppliers.

Her commitment to antibody validation, quality and collaboration in the industry is remarkable, and very worthy of a CiteAb Award!

2021 Winner – Dr Alejandra Solache

Our impressive 2021 winner was Dr Alejandra Solache, Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Abcam. Her career has spanned industry and academia, with the common thread throughout of helping to address the reproducibility crisis and improve cooperation across the sector. 

Dr Solache has made significant contributions to the sector through her work on pushing for recombinant antibody use and championing antibody validation, ultimately improving the quality of research antibodies. She has driven the use of KO validation, and been involved in producing ready-to-use gene edited cell lines and lysates so researchers can carry out their own validation.

Beyond this, she has taken part in the Antibody society’s validation webinars, Abcam’s reproducible science week and got involved with YCharOS, not to mention speaking at the International Antibody Validation Meeting which we help to organise, demonstrating a commitment to creating lasting impact in the sector.

Dr Solache said upon receiving this award:  “I am passionate about promoting the importance of reagent quality across the life science sector. It is an honor to receive this award and I would like to share it with the many people across the industry that I have had the pleasure and privilege to collaborate with throughout my career. I would like to acknowledge my colleagues at Abcam for their relentless efforts in placing the customer at the heart of all we do and the Company’s long-term commitment to raising industry standards.”

Looking further back

Before the Award for Significant Impact, we celebrated individuals in our awards through the Lifetime Achievement Award. Below we highlight a few of these winners: 

  • Dr Michael Browning in 2020: As the founder of Phosphosolutions, Dr Browning was recognised in this award for his commitment to research excellence and dedication to reproducibility.
  • Dr Michael Weiner in 2019: Dr Weiner of Abcam was awarded this accolade for his contribution to Abcam’s technology portfolio and beyond, and his entrepreneurial scientific spirit demonstrated throughout his career.
  • Dr Michael Comb in 2018: Dr Comb is the founder of Cell Signaling Technology, which he created to provide researchers with the quality tools he sought as an investigator. His incredible contribution to research throughout his career was recognised through this award. 

How do I nominate someone in the Significant Individual Impact Award?

Nominating in the CiteAb Awards is simple and free of cost. Ensure you stick to the word limit for categories (<300 words), and get your entry in before the 24th February.

What will we be looking for?

In your nomination, provide a concise explanation of why you believe the person you’re nominating has created impact in the sector.

Outlining the work this person has done that has led to impact will help us decide our winner. We will be judging the quality of a single nomination; winners will not be chosen based on how many nominations they receive. 

This award may go to someone early on in their career, who has created measurable impact through a single piece of work, or someone further down the line who has worked on many projects to help the industry. 

CiteAb CEO Dr Andrew Chalmers said of this award: 

I particularly like this award as it recognises some of the remarkable individuals that have achieved amazing things to help scientists. We meet so many remarkable people through our work, so  it’s lovely to be able to recognise some of them.”

We look forward to reading your nominations!

  • Skye and the CiteAb team