Which suppliers should you watch in the Japanese antibody market?


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Over the last decade, Japan has impressively maintained a position as one of the top five global markets for research antibodies. 

With the big players of China and the United states holding over half of the total antibody market share, it can be easy to overlook other countries with significant research outputs which may be important marketing and sales targets. 

As of 2021, Japan has a global research antibody market share of over 4%, which translates into a 4th place claim. This is a big indicator that the Japanese research antibody market is one to be paying attention to and investing in.

We were particularly interested to discover more about suppliers within this market, finding significant positive growth trajectories for suppliers in both primary and secondary antibody sectors.

Top research antibody suppliers in Japan

The global research antibody market is dominated by the top five suppliers, who collectively hold over two thirds of the market share. We see this replicated in the Japanese antibody market, with the same top five suppliers dominating. 

Cell Signaling technology takes the title of top supplier in Japan, closely followed by Abcam. This ranking is flipped in the global antibody market, which we recently reported on, with Abcam just pipping Cell Signaling Technology by <1%. By contrast, in 2021 Cell Signaling Technology holds a 22.7% market share, compared to Abcam’s 17.6% in Japan for the overall antibody market (including both primaries and secondaries).

Pie chart showing highlighting the citation share of the top 5 antibody suppliers in Japan
Chart highlighting the top five antibody suppliers in Japan dominating the market

Joining them in the top five are Invitrogen Antibodies, MilliporeSigma and Santa Cruz Biotechnology. These are the same suppliers leading in the global market, but with a different ranking order. Of these top five suppliers, we noted a declining citation share for Santa Cruz Biotechnology and MilliporeSigma. Could this lead to the room for other suppliers to raise in the rankings?

Which antibody suppliers are growing in Japan?

Besides these top five suppliers, we were interested to observe which smaller, growing suppliers were showing upward trajectories in this important market. 

Of note, Proteintech soared from a rank of 19th in 2011 to 8th in 2021, with a citation share increase of nearly tenfold (0.26% to 2.2%). We also discovered some secondary antibody specialists succeeding in this market, such as Jackson ImmunoResearch.

When we broke down the antibody data to look specifically at the primary and secondary antibody market we found some interesting insights into the Japanese market.

Which suppliers are succeeding in the primary antibody market in Japan?

Our previous analysis found that primary antibodies are the biggest market segment – they made up 76% of the top 100 antibody products in 2020. Given the prevalence of these products, we looked further into which suppliers are growing in this space.

We spotted a positive growth trajectory in Japan for not only Proteintech, but also Genetex, Bioss and Synaptic Systems, with both Bioss and Synaptic Systems growing from a 0% citation share!

Graphs to show the positive growth trajectories of antibody suppliers in Japan: Synaptic Systems, Bioss, Genetex and Proteintech

Other suppliers to note include CusaBio, ABclonal, Cloud Clone Corp and Sino Biological who have also expanded in the primary antibody industry in Japan more recently. 

SinoBiological has been making waves in the COVID research space, which we recognised through their win as ‘Supplier succeeding in Sars-Cov2 research’ in the CiteAb awards. Their positive trajectory in another market here goes to support their potential to continue growing in the life science industry. 

Which suppliers are succeeding in the secondary antibody market in Japan?

Jackson ImmunoResearch specialise in secondary antibodies and conjugates, and have been doing so for over 40 years. We have observed citation share growth for their products in our data, and they hold second position for citations in the secondary antibody market in Japan, with Invitrogen Antibodies leading. Over the past five years, their trajectory for secondary antibodies has been relatively stable, with no significant gains seen. 

Within the secondary antibody market, Abcam may also be a supplier to watch. They have achieved positive growth, pushing them up from 9th in 2011 to 4th in 2021 with a citation share increase of 2.37% to 9.2%

Interested to learn more?

Understanding specific country performance can help marketing and sales efforts and show which markets are important to pay attention to and invest in. You can download data below on the overall top 10 suppliers in the Japanese antibody market, combining both primary and secondary antibody markets, by signing up! If you are interested in additional data on other suppliers or countries, do just drop us an email.

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