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In this blog:

  • We explore the new features of our Citation Widget
  • See a demo of this automated plug-in citation tool in action
  • Get in touch with any questions!

Miss our Citation Widget Webinar last week? 

In this blog, we outline what we discussed and share the recording of the session so you can watch it back in your own time.

So, here’s what you can expect from the 20 minute webinar:

Why do you need product citations on your website?

We begin by covering why displaying citations on your webpages is important to researchers. Citations provide a record of product use in the scientific literature, which has come to be information researchers expect to find on product pages for evaluation.

Displaying images is a somewhat newer development, allowing researchers to visually see the product in use and helping to build confidence in your reagents – showing this information is fast becoming the gold standard.  

We outline how CiteAb collects highly accurate citations and images from pre-prints, open-access and closed-access publications, and how these citations feed into our widget…

What features are available on the CiteAb Citation Widget?

We then move on to showcase how our automated plug-in tool displays product citations, published images and infographics directly to web pages, requiring no maintenance once installed. 

We walk through the customisable features available with the new tiered system of the widget and give a live demo of these features in action. 

FAQs answered

We finish by answering your questions on the widget, ranging from: how many images can fit on the image carousel, to if you are able to download and keep the citations and images provided with the widget, to how the filtering system works to show citations. 

If you have any more questions on the widget, do feel free to drop us an email!

View the full webinar here…

If you have any questions about the CiteAb Citation Widget or would like to try it out, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

  • Jemina and the CiteAb team

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