CiteAb data now included on the Springer Nature Experiments Platform


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In this blog:

  • What is the CiteAb-Springer Nature partnership?
  • How has data collected by CiteAb been incorporated into the Springer Nature Experiments platform?
  • How will this integration benefit researchers?

Last year, we announced our partnership with Springer Nature. 

This novel partnership combines our resources and expertise; unlocking structured data and valuable insight from Springer Nature’s unique content for researchers and reagent suppliers around the world.

Now, Springer Nature is adding reagent data extracted by CiteAb into their Experiments platform. This will help to provide more information for scientists to evaluate when planning their research.

What is the CiteAb-Springer Nature partnership?

Springer Nature needs no introduction, with over 180 years of experience in quality publishing. They have over 84,000 articles in the Springer Nature Protocols and Methods portfolio alone.

CiteAb’s focus lies in the collection of data from such publications, having spent over a decade developing proprietary text-mining technology to generate high quality reagent insight.

In 2022, we joined forces: CiteAb were given access to Springer Nature Protocols and Methods content so that we could apply our text-mining technology to the full text content. 

The output of this partnership is highly structured, accurate reagent data, previously locked within the text of tens of thousands of publications. You can read more about our partnership here.

So, why is our partnership important?

By unlocking valuable insight from these publications, more information is made available on CiteAb’s reagent search engine. We have currently collected ~100,000 reagent citations from Springer Nature publications through our partnership. For researchers this means:

  • More comprehensive information available to aid in product evaluation 
  • Time savings when making reagent selection decisions
  • Less money wasted buying unsuitable reagents

Life science companies also have access to this data in our market datasets and citation provision services. 

The data is then provided back to Springer Nature. In an exciting new step for our partnership, some of this data has now been integrated into their Experiments platform.

Integrating reagent data into Springer Nature Experiments

What is the Springer Nature Experiments platform?

Springer Nature Experiments is a centralised tool for researchers, aiding in the comprehensive evaluation of protocols and methods for experiments. 

Launched in 2017, it now houses over 80,000 articles which researchers can browse. Optimised search filters are available for technique, organism, article type and more, with results that can be sorted by valuable information such as number of citations and publication date.

This platform was created to help researchers save time and find the best protocols for their work, which also helps to address reproducibility issues.

How is CiteAb data being included in this platform?

CiteAb reagent data is now displayed in this invaluable platform!

When performing searches, article evaluation pages can be explored to find out more about experiments and protocols previously published in the literature. 

On these article evaluation pages, information such as keywords, techniques, figures and reagent information are displayed to help quickly and effectively break down the information in the text. Reagent specifications from CiteAb’s data mining are now included on these article evaluation pages, when available. 

The addition of more reagent information will aid researchers in planning their experiments. Ultimately, this will help to save researchers time, money and improve experimental reproducibility. 

Andrew Chalmers, CEO of CiteAb, said: 

‘It is fantastic to see data extracted by CiteAb now included on article pages on the Experiments platform at Springer Nature. It is exciting to see the use of the data we provide back to Springer Nature through our partnership helping to support life science researchers in new ways. It has been great working with the Springer Nature team so far, and we can’t wait to see how our partnership develops next!’

Robin Padilla, director of Product of Management for Springer Nature’s Digital Life Science Solutions, said:

As a former lab researcher, I know firsthand how challenging and time consuming it often is to compile reagents data from multiple sources. Including CiteAb-supplied reagents data on SN Experiments is a wonderful complement to the data SN Experiments provides. Collaborating with CiteAb has been a fantastic experience and I look forward to explore more ways Springer Nature and CiteAb can co-create value together.

Looking to the future

We are really excited by this novel step in our partnership with Springer Nature, and we can see a lot of opportunity for extending this partnership even further – we have many more interesting ideas in the pipeline to help accelerate science. 

Stay tuned for the next steps in our work together! 

  • Justin and the CiteAb team
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