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Every year in the CiteAb Awards we celebrate up-and-coming suppliers in a range of research areas and product specialisms.

Previously, we’ve run data-based awards covering ELISA kit, Flow Cytometry and Mass Spectrometry suppliers, and in research areas such as SARS-CoV-2, cancer, and cardiovascular research.

Since adding data to CiteAb on multiplex immunoassays, we have become interested in learning more about them – see our introductory guide we put together on the topic.

After delving into this multiplex immunoassay data, we wanted to take the time to recognise those suppliers we found to be growing in this market. And so, the Multiplex Supplier To Watch in 2022 Award was launched!

Why focus on multiplex immunoassays?

In recent years, we have found an increase in size and competition within the multiplex immunoassay market.

Multiplex immunoassays are important due to their ability to save time and cost in research by detecting multiple analytes simultaneously. 

Currently in our search, we have highly accurate data on 5741 kits, covering over 40 suppliers which corresponds to thousands of citations. This data captures the entire market, from: planar/spatial separation immunoassays, to suspension/bead or particle based, planar bead or particle based, and tissue imaging multiplex kits, curated with classifications and supplier information.

You can search for multiplex immunoassays on CiteAb, with products ranked by citations:

The 2022 Multiplex Immunoassay Supplier To Watch Award winners…

This award recognises that supplier showing impressive growth in this important market.

A massive congratulations to our winners, BioLegend!

BioLegend Award presentation at AACR
 BioLegend Award presentation at AACR

Analysis determined BioLegend to be the supplier with the largest percentage increase in citations for multiplex products during the previous year. In order to be eligible for this award, the supplier must have had at least 10 citations in the previous year. 

BioLegend are a leading antibody and reagent supplier focusing on a variety of high-impact research areas including Immunology, Neuroscience, Cancer, Stem Cells and Cell Biology. They were acquired by PerkinElmer in 2021, and we have noted their successful growth in a number of reagent markets through analysis of CiteAb data.

In previous CiteAb blogs, we have noted their increasing citation share in cancer research antibodies. Since 2016, they have also grown in the primary and secondary antibody market. 

For multiplex immunoassays, we have seen a rise to 5th position for citations in this market. In our search, the LEGENDplex™ Mouse Inflammation Panel (13-plex) with V-bottom Plate is their top cited product; a suspension/bead or particle based assay with the detection method of flow cytometry. In fact, all of their top products are consistent with this assay type and detection method. 

We also extend our congratulations to Meso Scale Diagnostics, who were highly commended in this category! Meso Scale Diagnostics are specialists in assay kits and instruments.

Meso Scale Diagnostics also claim fifth position by citations, joint with BioLegend in the multiplex immunoassay market. Interestingly, our data shows their top cited products are planar spatial separation assay types with electrochemiluminescence as the detection method.

Want to learn more about the CiteAb Awards?

You can view this category, and many others, over at our Awards website.

Is there a particular product type or research area you’d like to see highlighted in our awards next year? Do reach out to our awards team and let us know!

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