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In this blog:

  • What is the ELISA Kit Market Insights package?
  • How can the datasets included help inform my product development pipeline?
  • How can they be used to enrich my sales and marketing?

Are you investing significant time and resource into producing new ELISA Kits? Do you want to effectively reach those who need your products for their work? 

To help in these challenges, we’ve recently introduced the ELISA Kit Market Insights package!

Today we answer some FAQs around what this package includes, and share some ELISA Kit data to download at the bottom of this blog.

ELISA Kit market dataset: An overview of the four ELISA market reports covered in our insights package (countries, companies, supplier share and individual products)

Why have we introduced the ELISA Kit market insight package?

This package is a new solution we’ve recently introduced to help suppliers of all sizes make data-driven product pipeline and sales & marketing decisions. 

Having already launched it for antibodies, proteins and biochemicals, we felt it important to also make reagent data for ELISA Kits available in a digestible and structured format, given how valuable ELISA Kits are to researchers and how difficult and costly they can be to produce by suppliers.

What does it include?

This package includes quarterly datasets, each with a different focus:

  • Research Areas: Showing the top institutes, products and suppliers for 13 individual research area markets
  • Countries: A breakdown of the number of ELISA Kit citations produced by each continent and country
  • Companies: Covering the performance of over 100 ELISA Kit manufacturers
  • Individual ELISA Kits: A quantitative view of the ELISA kits which are most frequently used by researchers, covering popular products such as TNF-alpha, Il-6 and albumin ELISA kits, and how this use is changing over time.

The data covers several years, giving a view of trends over time.

It can be used to give both broad and specific insight: from an overview of the research trends in this global immunoassay market, to answering questions around which ELISA kit suppliers are leading and which ELISA Kit targets may be ones to pay attention to.

To see the sort of analysis that can be done, you can read some of our recent blogs. We have delved into ELISA Kit supplier market share, the Chinese ELISA test market, and ELISA Kit usage in cancer research.

How is this research ELISA data generated?

Our quarterly datasets are produced from analysis of our complete ELISA Kit reagent database.

This database has been curated over many years, with product citations and experimental information collected from the scientific literature using a unique combination of AI-driven text mining tech and extensive reviewing by a team of scientists. 

The complete database covers over 770k Kits and Assays. Our ELISA Kit-specific data has information for over 140 companies, 122 countries and nearly 100k citations.

How can I use ELISA Kit market insights in my product pipeline?

Digging into which ELISA kits are proving popular, understanding which targets researchers are interested in and assessing trends in the literature can inform the risk-filled product development process.

Using our data helps to ensure you invest your resources and time into developing products that scientists really require, and that are highly likely to be commercially successful.

Analysing this market data can also help you to assess your current portfolio, to see if there are any gaps or opportunities.

How can I use ELISA Kit market insights in my sales and marketing?

Through analysis of country/continent research use data and the top institutions for kit usage in each research area, highly targeted marketing and sales is easily unlocked.

This can enable you to more effectively reach relevant researchers! 

Our datasets are also valuable for sales teams, who can more accurately focus their efforts and benchmark performance against competitors.

Get in touch and download some ELISA Kit data

If you’d like to learn more about the ELISA Kit Market Insights dataset, just get in touch with the team here who would be more than happy to chat some more. 

We work really hard to continuously improve our database and ensure the highest quality, so we always love talking to people about how it can help them!

By simply signing up below, you can download some ELISA Kit data to give you a taster of the sort of insights you can gain. The data download covers the top 5 companies and countries in the last decade, and the top 10 products.

  • Rhys and the CiteAb team

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