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It has been a year of growth for us at CiteAb. Over the past few months, we have hired our business development manager, Jonathan, and new developer, Tom. We are now so pleased to welcome our newest addition to the CiteAb team, Lucy! 

Lucy joins CiteAb as an associate product manager. She will be joining the antibody and kits team and working closely with our Senior Product Manager, Rhys. 

The antibody dataset is CiteAb’s longest running dataset. Since its launch, we have expanded the range of reagents we collect data on to cover Biochemicals, Proteins, Experimental Models and Kits & Assays.

As our largest dataset, the antibody data provides insights to many of the world’s leading antibody suppliers, as well as being fed into our search engine for researchers. There are still so many ways we see for this data to grow and to help even more researchers and suppliers.

As a newer dataset, the kits data is already delivering value to some key players in the market. We see great growth potential for this data, so it will be great to have Lucy on board to help with this.

In her new role, Lucy will help to manage both of these datasets. She will be working with Rhys to expand and grow the data (whilst maintaining quality!), and be involved in performing valuable analysis to help suppliers looking to understand the market and their position within it. Data improvements we make also ultimately helps the research community as our citation data is fed back into the search engine for researchers.

Lucy comes from a Biology background, having recently graduated from the University of Bath with a Biology degree. During her time there, she discovered a particular affinity, and ability, for data through a data interpretation unit in her second year where she learned the programming language R.

To build on these skills, she later picked up Python in her spare time and completed a Python Code First girls course. The associate product manager job, working on our datasets, therefore seemed like the natural next step for her! 

Dr Andrew Chalmers, CEO of CiteAb, said:

‘I am really pleased to have Lucy join our team. It’s so great to be able to expand our product management capabilities and to bring Lucy on board with her passion for both biology and data is super exciting. Our ability to help researchers and suppliers with our data continues to grow with each talented team member who joins!’

Lucy commented on her new role:

‘I’m looking forward to the challenge of learning new data analysis skills to apply at CiteAb. It will also be really interesting to understand more deeply how the company works. I’m excited to get to know everyone better and start working with them!’

Outside of Biology and data, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She would describe herself as out-doorsy; enjoying hiking and wild swimming when not at her desk! 

We are all really looking forward to getting to know Lucy and starting to work with her. 

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