Which were the top 100 biochemicals of 2020?


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In this blog:

  • Find out which the top biochemicals of the last year were
  • Which suppliers are doing best in this market
  • And which might be gaining new ground.

We’re excited to be sharing with you today the third in our Top 100 series of posts which take a look back at our data for the previous year and provide insights into the products, companies and research leading in each reagent category. 

Today we’re focused on the top 100 biochemicals of 2020, having covered the top 100 antibodies and top 100 proteins in the last few weeks. 

In our analysis we look at which suppliers have the best performing biochemicals, at new suppliers in the top 100, and at any new products in the top 10 since last year’s report

Rebecca Sadler, CiteAb product manager, said: “For this analysis I pulled on our full dataset of 326,000 citations for over 900,000 biochemicals. This year’s report is interesting – this dataset has really expanded in the last few years so we’re seeing that reflected in the broad range of biochemical products in the top 100. We are now seeing bioactive small molecules, antibiotics, lipids, carbohydrates, stains, and blocking reagents included.” 

We see a fairly large number of different suppliers in the top 100 biochemicals list – twelve companies in total. Some of these claim a significant number of the top 100 positions, others just have one product ranked. 

Leading the market is MilliporeSigma, with 52 products in the top 100. The company also has eight products in the top ten, four of which are complete protease inhibitor cocktails, which are a blend of chemicals used generally to prevent protein degradation, and so used very frequently in research. 

Rebecca said: “This has actually changed quite significantly over the last twelve months – MilliporeSigma held 95 of the top 100 spots for its products last year, and all of the top 75 positions. However, this is a sign of the broadening of our dataset, rather than a change in MilliporeSigma’s performance. 

Aside from Millipore Sigma, the only other company to make the top ten is Thermo Scientific, with two Penicillin-Streptomycin mixes, used to prevent bacterial contamination on cell cultures. 

Rebecca said: “In the top ten we see a number of products which are fairly basic but essential components of research, which explains why they are so frequently used and feature so highly.” 

Tocris claims the next largest number of top 100 rankings after MilliporeSigma, with fifteen products featured, however, the company’s highest-ranked product is in 12th place. This is for its Y-27632 dihydrochloride, a ROCK enzyme inhibitor, used in a variety of ways, including for stem cell research. 

It’s worth highlighting that Avanti Polar Lipids appear in position 90 with a lipid – the company is a specialist lipid supplier, and we’re starting to see these products break into the top 100 biochemical citations. A few lipids from MilliporeSigma also appear in the top 100 mix. It will be interesting to watch this dataset and see what kinds of lipids move into the top 100 in a couple of years time. 

Today we are giving away the complete list of the 100 cited biochemicals of 2020 for free if you sign up below. If you have any questions or comments on our top 100 biochemicals then please do let Rebecca know!

– Katrina and the CiteAb team

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