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It is our pleasure to welcome Kathryn to CiteAb! She joins the research antibody data team, working closely with our Head of Antibody Data Rhys.

Coming from a background in research at a biotech company and with a PhD in Biology, she brings a wealth of experience in healthcare research, communication and analysis to CiteAb.

Kathryn will be supporting the growth and improvement of our antibody dataset.

Starting as an antibody search engine, our research antibody dataset was the first we launched a decade ago. 

Now with over 7 million antibodies from more than 300 suppliers, this dataset gives a comprehensive view of the market and powers both our research antibody search engine for researchers and antibody market data services.

We plan to continue expanding this dataset, whilst ensuring citation data we collect is of the highest accuracy in order to help as many as we can.

In order to achieve this, we are really excited to have grown the team! Enter Kathryn – she will be involved in managing the antibody dataset.

Having completed a PhD at the University of Bath on the topic of ‘Fluorophore-labelled peptides for diagnostic and theranostic applications’ she has extensive experience in the lab and a thorough understanding of research reagents.

She then went on to work as a scientist at a biotech company working on disease diagnostics. This has equipped her with an impressive ability to communicate key insights well, as well as a comprehensive data analysis skill set. 

Andy Chalmers, CEO of CiteAb, commented:

‘We’re so pleased to have Kathryn join us at CiteAb. Her impressive experience in research and handling data produced in the lab is going to be a real asset to our research antibody data team. We are already seeing how her enthusiasm and expertise is contributing to our antibody data, and she has has started working with some of our data clients. I feel really lucky to have her join the team!’

Kathryn commented:

‘I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the data, making improvements and carrying out analysis, enabling companies to have better insights into their antibody products, but also enabling scientists to carry out better science around the globe! And, of course, I’m looking forward to getting to know the team more!’

When not at work, Kathryn is an avid traveller. Closer to home, she likes to keep her hobbies varied, ranging from badminton to saxophone! At the moment, she’s getting into running.

We can’t wait to get to know her better and work closely with her at CiteAb!

  • Skye and the CiteAb team
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