Which were the top 100 lipids of 2020?


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Today we are sharing the fourth in our Top 100 series of posts which take a look back at our data for the previous year and provide insights into the products, companies and research leading in each reagent category. 

Today we’re focused on the top 100 lipids of 2020, having covered the top 100 biochemicals, top 100 antibodies and the top 100 proteins in the last few weeks.

In our analysis, we look at which suppliers have the best performing lipids, at new suppliers in the top 100, and at any new products in the top 10 since we last reported on this market back in 2017.

Rebecca Sadler, product manager at CiteAb, said: “To carry out this analysis I was looking at our full lipids dataset of 46,000 citations, from which I extracted those for 2020. This is the first time we’ve run this analysis as part of our top 100 series, so we aren’t able to compare to last year, but we can compare to an overview of the market we ran four years ago although our dataset has quadrupled since that time.” 

The top product position in the lipid market is taken by Tocris – with the most cited lipid of 2020 which was Forskolin. However, overall it claims two of the top ten spots, and 11 overall out of the top 100, placing it in fourth position. It has some well-cited products and is in a strong position overall to compete with other suppliers. 

The most cited lipid suppliers overall are MilliporeSigma, with 32 lipid products in the top 100 and two in the top ten, Avanti Polar Lipids with 29 in the top 100 and five in the top ten, and Cayman Chemicals with 26 in the top 100 and one in the top ten. 

Rebecca says: “This is an interesting market because, unlike in other markets, there isn’t as clear a leader with the lions share of citations or top 100 positions. Each of these three companies has a similar number of products in the top 100, so it will be very interesting to see if this changes over the next few years and whether one supplier can claim market share from the other two.” 

In fact, only five companies feature in the top 100 – in addition to those already mentioned, there is also Cell Signaling Technology which has two top 100 products. 

Today we are giving away the complete list of the 100 cited lipids of 2020 for free if you sign up below. If you are interested in learning more about our full lipids dataset, then please contact us

– Katrina and the CiteAb team

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