Quarterly Roundup: Q3 2022


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In this blog:

  • What do our new partnerships with publishers involve?
  • What improvements have we made to our citation data?
  • How is the CiteAb team growing?

It has been particularly rewarding to reflect back on the last few months and see the partnerships we have been working on behind the scenes come to life, as well as the data improvements we have made continue to help researchers and suppliers. 

This quarter, we have had over 230,000 searches on our reagent search engine, and added over 220,000 citations and 652,857 products to our database.

In this blog, we take a moment to look back on our big news and updates from the past three months.

Announcing publisher partnerships with Springer Nature and Wiley

We were thrilled to announce our partnerships with both Springer Nature and Wiley this quarter. These partnerships will allow us to unlock the value of the data from these publications through our platform and products.

We are really excited to be providing even better data to researchers and suppliers, to inform reagent selection and speed up research!  

Through these partnerships CiteAb will be able to mine citation data and experimental information from selected closed-access publications. The data will be fed into our search and data-based products, as well as being provided back to the publishers. This means our data has the potential to help researchers in entirely new ways.

Dr Andrew Chalmers, CEO of CiteAb, said of the partnerships:

‘We are really excited to be able to help scientists make more informed decisions when buying and selling products. Providing even more quality citations from Springer Nature and Wiley content to help with these decisions feels like significant progress to us. We can’t wait to see how these partnerships progress, and want to say a massive thanks to those we have been working with at Springer Nature and Wiley.’

Read the press release from Springer Nature here.

Read the article from Wiley here.

If you’re a publisher that would like to work with us, do get in touch!

How has our citation data been improving?

The citation data CiteAb collects is fed into our reagent search for researchers as well as powering our market data, citations, and published image provision for suppliers. These products give valuable insights to help companies sell the best reagents and inform their product development and marketing. 

Our product and tech team have been working hard to grow the number of high quality citations in our database over the past few months. The products, citations and suppliers added helps to give a more accurate view of how reagents are being used in the life sciences. Below we summarise the improvements we have made:

Summary of citation data improvements made at CiteAb across all reagent types
Summary of citation data improvements made at CiteAb across all reagent types

This past month also saw the delivery of our latest market insights report, which focused on companies. Our market insights package was created to provide valuable market data to suppliers of all sizes, and it now covers antibodies, biochemicals and proteins. You can read more about the market insights package over on our blog.

Team news

The CiteAb team continues to grow! We were thrilled to welcome our newest associate product manager to the antibodies and kits team this September, Lucy. Lucy will be working closely with Senior Product Manager Rhys to ensure that these datasets continue to expand and develop, helping more of the life science industry. 

We are also very pleased to share that we have hired another product manager to join the Citations and Published Images team this October.

With a growing team, and with many of our developers now working remotely, it was fantastic to be able to get the whole team together in July (not an easy commute to the office for our New Zealand-based developer Matt). We also enjoyed our first ever company retreat!

Our developer Matt was able to visit from New Zealand for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.
Our developer Matt was able to visit from New Zealand for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.
The CiteAb team on our first ever company retreat
The CiteAb team on our first ever company retreat

Blogs and events coming up!

Over on our blog we have been sharing our popular top 100 products series. So far we have released the sample data and analysis for the most cited proteins, antibodies and cell lines of 2021. Still to come is our analysis on lipids and biochemicals, so do look out for these.

In the next few months, a few members of the team will be attending conferences in Europe and the US. 

  • Medica: Jonathan, our business development manager
  • SfN: Listing and experimental models product manager Rhys, antibodies and kits product manager Rhys, and our CEO Andrew 

Get in touch if you’d like to set up a meeting, and do say hi if you run into them! 

Finally, we want to thank all of CiteAb’s supporters and users! Do reach out with any questions, feedback or comments for us.

  • Skye and the CiteAb team
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